How To Make An Adsense TIN For Indonesian Publishers

How To Make An Adsense TIN For Indonesian Publishers
How To Make An Adsense TIN For Indonesian Publishers

Some time ago Adsense publishers in Indonesia had a lot of discussion on how to make an Adsense NPWP. This is because there are multiple publishers who have been notified of this. Either through an Adsense account or through the email used. Where the content is to enter the tax identification number (NPWP).

Not only that, there are even publishers who have had their payments suspended for not entering the number. This is what keeps publishers busy, especially when discussing how to make an Adsense TIN.

The existence of a verification regulation of NPWP by Adsense, indicates that if someone who has income from cyberspace, income tax will be applied. Even today, e-commerce entrepreneurs have also been taxed on their income, and there is a regulation governing the tax. Not only that, there is also a speech about taxing celebrities.

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How to make an Adsense NPWP

Making TIN for publishers, the procedure is the same as usual, because we can categorize the TIN for Adsense as a personal TIN.

Knowing this rule, there may be some people who are afraid and worry that their income level will drop. But apart from making a TIN, it is not difficult, the actual tax imposed is not high, so there is nothing to worry about. Instead, we should be proud, because paying taxes means that we are helping to build the country.

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In the process of making an Adsense NPWP, it is very easy, the main requirement is to be at least 18 years old, or married. If you have not worked or do not work, you can still do an NPWP by applying for an NPWP to find work.

For those who earn online, such as YouTube Adsense, blogs, resellers, dropshippers and others, they can use the reason of having MIPYMES (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises), or with reasons to look for work.

The process of doing this NPWP does not take much time, you just have to come directly to the tax office (KPP Pratama), which is in the nearest city according to your KTP address, then the NPWP can be done immediately or for one business day.

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If you are currently wandering, please use a proof of address from the local Kelurahan office. Practically again, if the need is not too urgent, you can register online, with a process that takes 3-7 business days, to register online, click here.

Personal Tax Preparation Terms

In how to make an Adsense NPWP or personal tax identification number for entrepreneurs, there are several requirements that must be fulfilled, namely the following:

  1. Photocopy of the electronic ID of the applicant.
  2. Photocopy of the minimum activity certificate of the town.
  3. Fill in the declaration form provided to you (don’t forget to bring 6000 stamps for this need).
  4. Please complete the NPWP Property Application Form provided to you.

After fulfilling all these requirements, we no longer need to go back and forth to the tax office. The TIN card will be sent to the applicant’s address via parcel post. Please note that there is no charge to do this NPWP, also known as free.

How to send tax information to Google Adsense

Once you have a tax identification number, it is time for you to submit tax information to Google Adsense. As for how to send tax information to Google Adsense, they are as follows:

  • Sign in to your Google Adsense account.
  • Click on the left navigation panel and then select the payment menu.
  • After that, select the Manage Settings button.
  • Select edit in the Indonesian tax information section.
  • Click the update tax information button.
  • Then simply follow the Google Adsense instructions.
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Currently, not all Adsense accounts have notification of this publisher tax, and most Indonesian Adsense accounts have not displayed the Indonesian tax information menu. However, this information on how to make an Adsense NPWP is very important, because you may need it in the near future.