How to make friends from abroad in the latest Telegram 2022 –

How to make friends from abroad in the latest Telegram 2022 –
How to make friends from abroad in the latest Telegram 2022 –
How To Make Friends From Abroad In The Latest Telegram 2022
How to make friends from abroad in the latest Telegram 2022

How to make friends from abroad in the latest Telegram 2022

In this opportunity, we will talk about what is in the Telegram application.

For now, it can be said that Telegram has become an alternative to the WhatsApp application that of course many people use.

Which can happen due to the features of this Telegram app. Which is considered more complete than the whatsapp application.

Especially with Telegram app, this time we will discuss how to find foreign friends on Telegram app.

As many people know, there are already many features in the Telegram app that you cannot find in the WhatsApp app.

And one of the highlights is making new friends. So how to find friends from abroad on Telegram? So here is the explanation.

How to find friends abroad on Telegram

There are many ways to find friends abroad on Telegram. And you can test one by one.

Here’s how to make lots of friends abroad:

Join channels abroad

The first way to make foreign friends on Telegram. You can join foreign channels or international groups.

But do not forget to make sure that the community you follow is also in accordance with your interests.

For example, if you like comics. Of course, you can join an international comedy group.

That later you will definitely be able to share many things with new friends from abroad.

Therefore, the following is a way to join foreign channels.

  • The first step, open the Telegram app on your cell phone.
  • Then tap the search icon and type the foreign channel you want to follow.
  • If multiple channel options appear. So please choose the one that suits you best.
  • After that, tap to open the telegram channel.
  • Finally press the start button to join the channel.

Telegram 1

Use of the anonymous chat bot

For those of you who are used to playing Telegram. So of course you’re no stranger to anonymous chat bots, right?

Perhaps what you know is that this anonymous chat bot only applies to Indonesian users.

But apparently that is not true, where anonymous chat bots are also available in other countries.

There are also many people abroad who use this chatbot. Then how to use anonymous chat bots abroad, here’s how.

  • First prepare your cell phone, which has the Telegram application installed.
  • Then select and touch one of the links in, also
  • And then the Telegram application will automatically open on your cell phone.
  • Which is when the overseas anonymous chat bot page opens, just press the start button.

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With the help of Google

Many have claimed that they managed to get Telegram friends abroad thanks to Google’s search function.

For a full explanation, please read and follow the instructions below.

  • Open the web browser app on your phone.
  • After that, type google in the URL field and hit enter.
  • If the Google search page has appeared, just type the keyword “”
  • Wait for a moment and then several Telegram usernames and groups abroad will appear.
  • Tap the group link and the Telegram app will open.
  • Tap the join group button.

Take advantage of the search function in Telegram

You could say that this method is a fun way to get foreign friends. You just need to use the ID lookup feature available in the Telegram app.

Make friends from another social media platform

So, for example, like facebook or twitter. So you can use both to make new friends.

And after that, you can invite that person to exchange Telegram IDs. Then when you’re on Telegram, you can get closer.

Advantages of having foreign friends

  1. Increased self-confidence
  2. Addition of foreign vocabulary
  3. know new things
  4. easy to adjust


this is enough information how to find friends abroad in the last telegram of 2022, hope it is useful..

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