How to Meditate Correctly at Home? ▷➡️ Creative Stop ▷➡️

How to Meditate Correctly at Home?  ▷➡️ Creative Stop ▷➡️
How to Meditate Correctly at Home? ▷➡️ Creative Stop ▷➡️

How to meditate correctly at home? Until two years ago, I thought that yoga and meditation were the most boring activities I could do in my spare time. There was no way to imagine what was the point of sitting cross-legged with your eyes closed or doing super-slow gymnastics on a mat.

I got to the meditation through yoga. She was used to my thoughts constantly running through my head, unable to concentrate and very tired at night. Since I meditate regularly, this condition is a thing of the past. I am concentrated, relaxed, centered and I begin to understand what is going through my head.

I’ve been a year meditating between 20 and 30 minutes morning and night and I really can’t imagine my life without meditation. Meditation is one of those things in life that you wish you had started doing sooner.

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start small

In my experience, booting for short periods of time, ie 2-3 minutes, is most helpful. The first 30 times I started meditating were relatively ineffective. I managed maybe 5 seconds of not thinking immediately after the first best thought. If you concentrate for only 2 minutes In the beginning, you are more likely to keep practicing because you will feel the gains more quickly. After a week you can simply add 2 minutes. Better yet, set an alarm clock. two.

Focus on your breath

Meditation helps take the mind off thoughts. To do this, the first step is to change the focus of attention. To meditate, sit comfortably in a quiet place and close your eyes. For the first few weeks, just focus on your breath and in the way the air touches your nose with each inhalation and exhalation. When you notice your attention returning to your thoughts, return to your breath. If you want, you can use the “Let go” mantra and mentally say “let go” with each inhalation and “let go” with each exhalation. 3.

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Make it a habit.

If you are already up and probably late, you can postpone the meditation until the next day. To avoid this and develop your routine, start meditate first thing in the morning in the morning.

I meditate in the morning, right after waking up in bed. Before I even open my eyes, I sit comfortably and begin to meditate. Is now a usual part of my morning routine.

you can’t go wrong

Given the meditation is so effective, many people think that it is also incredibly difficult and that many things can be done wrong. This is where I can reassure you. There is power in simplicity. The art of calming your thoughts and finding inner peace is actually just concentrating on your breath.

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So you can’t do anything wrong. It’s perfectly normal to find it difficult at first and lag behind in your thoughts. When you realize that your attention is no longer on your breathing, but on shopping for tomorrow night, refocus on her.

Develop a self-awareness

Once you have an idea of ​​the meditation, you can do a short control at the beginning of each meditation. Be aware of your body. What do you feel? You’re stressed? Or irritated? How does your body feel? Where are you tense? Be aware of yourself and your body, but do not judge its state.