How to Optimize Instagram for Your Business Account

How to Optimize Instagram for Your Business Account
How to Optimize Instagram for Your Business Account

Social networks, especially Instagram, are currently widely used as a means of doing business or selling products, Instagram itself is one of the social networks with the most active users, for example in Indonesia with 60 million active users.

Many business people use Instagram as the official social network for their respective companies or business products. Of course, to achieve the goal of a business account, you need a way to optimize Instagram so that business accounts are on target and increase the pace of your business for business people.

Before moving on to how to optimize Instagram, here is a little description of the advantages of using or using Instagram as a promotional medium or medium to sell your business products.

Advantages of Instagram as a commercial medium

When you open Instagram and navigate through the timeline, you will surely find Instagram accounts that sell products, services or goods and promote their accounts and attract attention and arouse your curiosity to know about the company’s products. This is inseparable from the advantages of using Instagram as a business medium. What are the advantages of using Instagram as a means of promotion?

most users

Instagram currently has the first category in terms of the number of users, especially in Indonesia. Active users increase day by day. The number of Instagram users is very good to be used as a promotional medium because the target audience and the reach of the promotion will be larger.

Connection with other social networks

The next advantage when you use Instagram as your business medium is that Instagram has a feature to be able to link or connect other social networks.

If you are a business person and have other social networks besides Instagram, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Marketplace or even a website, you can connect them through your Instagram business account. This makes Instagram a practical medium to use as a business promotion medium.

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When you are promoting for a business, you often incur advertising costs. When you create media such as websites, you will be charged a fee to purchase your company’s website domain.

With an Instagram account, you can do promotions for free. From account registration to product promotions, it can be done for free, and you only need to optimize for each post in the business account to maximize promotional performance.

Easy to use

The ways to use the features on Instagram are very easy, which means you don’t need any special techniques or skills to operate your Instagram account. The interface is also very simple and easy to understand, which makes it easy to promote business products through Instagram.

Photo and video content

Instagram is basically a social network with its main content in the form of photos and videos. Instagram is also known to have no photo or video file size limits, so you can post the highest quality photos and videos.

With photo or video content, make your promotional media more engaging and you can maximize creativity and be able to convey product details with clear and engaging images or videos.

Many ways to promote

The advantage of using Instagram as the next business medium is that you can promote in various ways, such as photo or video content, using Instagram ads, hashtag optimization and backup methods. Well, one of the most popular ways is to promote your business products to Instagram users who have a large number of followers or celebrities.

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This method can increase attention to your business products because when you endorse someone who has a lot of influence, many of that person’s followers will indirectly see your product.

The initial purpose of Instagram wasn’t really for business media, but it’s not bad if you use it as a medium for your business because it turns out that Instagram itself also provides features that help you promote products there.

How to optimize Instagram

There are several things that you need to consider before using Instagram as your business promotion account so that more users visit your business account and view your products.

Here are some tips:

Change Instagram account to business account

If you already have an Instagram account but it’s still a personal account, you’ll need to change the account to a business account. There are features that support your trading activities, such as Analytics, which allows you to monitor your account performance and traffic.

But if you don’t have an Instagram account yet, you should create one from scratch and immediately set up your account as a business account.

Open a private account to a public account

Try not to make your business account private. Leave it open to the public so that anyone can visit and view it. This is so that visitors or potential buyers who visit your Instagram account can easily and freely browse the products you offer and display them on your Instagram business account.

Use an attractive profile photo

Use photos that are attractive and consistent with the description of your business products. Or it could be if you already have a logo for your company and make it a profile picture.

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Choose the appropriate username

Of course, the username is what you use most often to display or promote your Instagram business account. Choose a username that matches the product you are selling or according to your company’s vision and mission.

It is also important to consider a username that is easy to remember so that people can easily find your Instagram business account.

Write an interesting biography

An engaging bio is a bio that explains information about your business but is written in a concise and concise manner. Also write a contact number that potential buyers can call, or insert a link address if you have your business website.

Use hashtags to optimize

The next way to optimize your business on Instagram is by using hashtags related to the products you sell. The use of hashtags can improve the performance of your posts and will affect the marketing of your products.

Actively create posts and feeds

Expand posting updates, either by posting to feeds or updating stories on Instagram accounts, explaining your products and updates on your business information. This can help optimize your Instagram account and increase the number of organic followers.

Check your account

Tips that are no less important, namely, verify your Instagram account. This is so that visitors can be sure that your business products are safe and reliable.

Those are some tips on how to optimize Instagram for your business account. Avoid doing things that go against the rules of Instagram policies so that you feel comfortable and safe running your business.