How to Overcome Double Receipts on Shopee for the Right Dropshipper

How to Overcome Double Receipts on Shopee for the Right Dropshipper
How to Overcome Double Receipts on Shopee for the Right Dropshipper

PINGKOWEB.COM – Watch this time share how to overcome double Shopee receipts for dropshippers with easy and correct steps.

Shopee is a marketplace that has more than 10 million users on the Google Play Store and App Store.

There are so many products for sale on the Shopee app, ranging from clothes, pants, shoes, kitchenware, and much more.

In Shopee there are also many discounts that are presented to pamper users, in addition to the fact that sellers also obtain more benefits.

Well recently you may be experiencing receipts double in shopee, there are steps to follow below.

How to get over receipts Double in Shopee

When you become a dropshipper, of course you will be confused because there are 2 receipts, namely receipts from buyers and receipts from suppliers.

The first step to fix this, you need to pay at a trusted store first, an automatic receipt number will appear.

The second step, you need to ask for the WhatsApp number of the supplier, which can then be combined into a special dropshipper group, so that when there is a buyer check your product, the resin can be shipped directly to the supplier.

The third step is that you have to transfer the nominal price according to what the supplier sells, so here you have taken your own profit. For example: a vendor sells a tie for 10,000 rupees and you sell it for 25,000 rupees, so here you make a profit of 15,000 rupees.

For more details on the pass flow double the resin is like the picture below.

How To Deal With Double Receipts In Shopee

If it is finished, the supplier will send the merchandise to the Post Office without paying the shipping costs because Shopee will pay them.

For the package status not shipped, you need to chat with Shopee CS to change the status to shipped by saying as dropshipper and showing auto receipt number.

the last word

Maybe that’s all about getting over double receipts in Shopee easily, if you have any questions, please comment below. It can be useful!

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