How to play Ome TV using VPN on Hp, Laptop and Iphone

How to play Ome TV using VPN on Hp, Laptop and Iphone
How to play Ome TV using VPN on Hp, Laptop and Iphone

How to play Ome TV using a VPN

There are several ways to play Ome TV using a VPN that you can easily apply if you really need this type of referral. In fact, this will not be difficult for you to do at any time using only digital devices like the Android phone you currently have.

In fact, you can take advantage of all the features added to the Ome TV app for various purposes. This means that you can not only use it to do a regular broadcast, but also establish a good connection with other users.

Interestingly, you can also apply how to play Ome TV using a VPN or change the server of this app easily and for free. This will allow you to reach overseas servers even at a low cost and is definitely very affordable for all users.

List of Recommended Ome TV VPN Services for Users

You can easily apply how to stream Ome TV using a VPN by referring to the following services.

ExpressVPN is an Ome TV VPN app with 3,000 servers in various countries and 30,000 IP addresses with a secure system.

IPVanish is also registered as Ome TV VPN with 1,300 servers in 75 countries. IPVanish uses a military grade security system.

ProtonVPN is an Ome TV VPN server with a good level of privacy security. There are 3 good servers that you can choose from, namely the United States, Japan, and the Netherlands.

Windscribe is an Ome TV VPN with the best AES encryption with no data logging. You can choose servers from Hong Kong, Norway, Netherlands, UK, Germany, France, USA, Romania and Switzerland.

Hola VPN is an Ome TV server without clear encryption and uses a user log storage system. To use this server, you must not have mobile banking, digital wallets and other applications.

NordVPN is an Ome TV VPN with a high level of security and double encryption. Also, this server is ad free and 5390 other servers in 60 countries.

What is the Ome TV 2022 app?

Ome TV is an application that allows you to video chat with other users, even abroad. Where you can also make random video calls and reach globally. You can connect to foreign servers like the United States, Korea, Japan, and Russia.

The service provided by the Ome TV app also allows you to do many things including dating. In addition, you can export various types of local knowledge, culture, language, gastronomy, tourist attractions, add friends, share stories, exchange experiences, and many others.

Well, after understanding the general function of the Ome TV app, you can learn how to play Ome TV using a VPN. See the full explanation below.

Some ways to play Ome TV using a VPN

  1. Using an Android phone
  • First, first download the Turbo VPN app.
  • Continue by opening the app and clicking on the Earth icon in the top right corner.
  • Specify a free server that does not have a gold icon to the right of its country name.
  • Then go to the popup page and then press the carrot icon until the word Connecting appears.
  • Wait until the connection process is successful and you will see a VPN screen on the bar of your Android phone.
  • Minimize Turbo VPN, and then open the app and sign in with your Ome TV account.
  • Click the Country option and specify the country you want.
  • Ready and enjoy.
  1. Use of a laptop/computer
  • Install the NordVPN app first, then open it and click the OK option.
  • Click the Sign in option at the top right and fill in the username and password you received.
  • Then click on the option Sign in again and specify the country you are going to, except Russia.
  • Just patiently complete the process until the green Protected and Offline label appears indicating you are connected.
  • Open the link using a browser.
  • You can also sign in with other app accounts, such as FB and VK.
  • Ome TV will automatically become a server for another country and the process will be complete.
  1. Using iPhone
  • Open a browser and enter the URL
  • Next, install the 1.1.1 app on your iPhone, then open the app and click Get Started option.
  • Then click Done option again and then click Install VPN Profile again for further configuration.
  • Click on the Allow option and then grant the permission by continuing with the VPN setup.
  • Then, on the 1.1.1 app popup page, just slide the WARP slider to the right.
  • Until now, VPN 1.1.1 has been active when the WRAP slider has changed to purple and orange.
  • Continue to minimize the 1.1.1 app and the VPN icon will be active on the iPhone bar.
  • Then continue by opening a web browser, then login using FB.
  • You can then click the Country option and specify the country of your choice.
  • The process is complete and enjoy.

We have explained in detail how to play Ome TV using a VPN on the top page for you to learn. Also, if you want to apply it, we are sure that you already know very well what to do depending on the device you are using. Good luck!

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