How to protect yourself from phishing?

How to protect yourself from phishing?
How to protect yourself from phishing?

Many users are afraid to be on the Internet for security reasons. They think that it is easy to retrieve information through various sources. Phishing is one of the main schemes to cheat PC users today. To carry out this type of Internet fraud, criminals send emails on behalf of well-known brands or private messages within various services. Most often this happens with the help of the victim herself.

The mailing list may come from large banks, however upon closer examination it can be seen that the sender address does not contain the institution’s hosting extension. In the next article, we will talk about phishing and the threats associated with it.

How does phishing work?

With the help of phishing, attackers replace the online page used by the victim with a fraudulent one, which looks like a duplicate of the original one. Hackers have become so sophisticated that in some cases it is extremely difficult to distinguish between genuine and fake websites. For example, you might see a fake Woo Casino website, where everything is similar, but even the slightest distinction could make a difference.

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When a user lands on such a bogus page and enters a username and password, they become available to scammers. The last thing that remains is to enter the user’s personal account in order to transfer money from his account to his account.

Very often on the Internet, users can see links on the page that raise funds for the treatment or support of sick children. They may also be disabled or low-income families. However, if this is not an official registered website for some charitable foundation, there are usually scammers on the other side of the screen. They use the transferred funds for their own purposes.

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The HTTPS protocol is vital

If you do not lose vigilance, then it is quite possible to protect yourself from phishing. According to experts, more care should be taken with the URL of the link received by mail and the loaded page. The address is usually similar to the real one in everything except the main one: the second level domain. If you find that the secure HTTPS protocol was not used to load the page, you should leave the page immediately.

Of course, it is possible to work with the main website via HTTP, but in any case, on the page, to the left of the address bar, there should be a lock image (HTTPS protocol designation).

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Having been a victim of phishing, the client will not receive compensation for damages, since the service itself will find him guilty of the incident. Therefore, to avoid becoming a victim of financial fraud, customers must be very careful and remember that their gullibility can lead to serious financial loss.

don’t trust strangers

You may receive a suspicious link from a stranger. The latter will require you to enter your personal information, or simply the link leads to the malware download. Never trust those who try to send you the link that seems suspicious. They will go to great lengths to drain your personal information.

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