How to put your photo in the notification bar?

How to put your photo in the notification bar?
How to put your photo in the notification bar?

You are more likely to use a ton of cell phones and have seen a similar type of prompt bar on all cell phones. However, have you ever felt that you can put your own photo on the warning bar of your mobile?

In this article, we will tell you about an application that you can use to put your own photo on the notification bar of your portable device. To get acquainted with this app then at that time read this post till the end.

How to put your photo in the notification bar?

Fellows, to put a picture of you or your significant other on your laptop’s notification bar, you’ll want to do it in a moment. I will let you know the total method by which you can, without much effort. In fact, you’ll want to put a colleague’s photo on your notification bar. Many individuals feel that it is extremely challenging. How could we say it? it is inconceivable. However, I will let you know the total strategy and furthermore the app that can help. For a short time, you will want to put your photo on your notification bar and other colleagues will also ask you how you put your photo on their notification bar. So for this, it will easily tell you which application you need to implement and how you should treat it carefully and you must carefully read the entire article, then you will understand that you will finally find a connection to the application as well. You can call yourself and you will really want to put your picture on your WhatsApp and in your notification bar.

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Application settings

  • Now acknowledge all the consents to know notice customization option and then you can see a variety of vivid layouts for your bulletin board.
  • You can browse the summary of any shade plan which you can also set to photograph or draw from the screen, you just need to tap on the third option which is a screen.
  • Now you want to browse for display options and then choose your favorite image which you need to set in your notification option and then at that time click on continue setting for the next step.
  • Now you can see that your portable warning choice is totally different, it looks wonderful and amazing.
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How to put your photo on the keyboard


To put your photo on the console, you will need to put the photo within two minutes. I’ll listen for a minute to what you have to do to take the picture. To do this, you need to enter an application. Enter many functions where you can put a picture of your full guarantee on your WhatsApp and you can also put your photo on your console. To post a photo, you need to install this app towards the end of this article. You will get a union of well-being. You must present this application and you can certainly place it where you need to place the photograph. In this picture you can put your bite anywhere on any console. You can bring your photo or anyone’s photo app. You simply have to choose. You will choose your photograph or someone else’s photograph and you will really want to put it there without any problem.


Set your photo to a mobile dial pad

Set Your Photo On A Mobile Dial Pad

We’ve figured out how we can put a photo on the warning bar on our versatile and now I can put a photo on the dial pad here. If there is a photo in the stack of the laptop, it looks very adorable. You may have seen that people who have their pictures on their cell phones on the dial pad look exceptionally great, as you can see below. This person has placed his picture on his cell phone on his dial pad or his girlfriend’s. Assuming you posted a photograph you’ll say how lovely you look then at that point you’ll have peers around you they’ll ask how you’ve posted your photograph on your versatile port so it looks amazing to present I’m giving you the connection below. You need to present your reservation. After installing the application, you can put any photo on your mobile. It’s exceptionally easy to place photos on a versatile dial pad.