How to Register Cheap Seamless Wifi

How to Register Cheap Seamless Wifi
How to Register Cheap Seamless Wifi is a service of PT Telkom Indonesia that offers wireless Internet access with speeds up to 100 Mbps. To enjoy this service, we are required to use daily, weekly and monthly bonuses to enjoy it. Usually, the coupons are in the price range of 5 thousand to 50 thousand depending on the choice of the active period.

However, most people prefer uninterrupted instead of buying coupons. The reason is because when you use seamless, you only need to pay Rp. 10,000,-/month. But do you know how to sign up for uninterrupted wifi so you can get a voucher of IDR 10,000 per month? Please see the following article.

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How to Register Cheap Seamless Wifi

The steps to register smoothly are very easy. Here is the guide.

  • First download the MyIndihome app on the Play Store or App Store
  • Then open the app and Create an account
  • Fill in the email field with an active email to log in later.
  • And when you have finished registering, select menu Client at the bottom of the app.
  • Next select add services on the top page of the app.
  • Select a menu Internet
  • Then you will see the options. without problems and activate the service.
  • You will then be given a username and password automatically when you use the indihome network.
  • Maybe a popup will appear containing Registration must be done from the customer’s Indihome network and just select the menu Look at to continue with the account registration process.
  • After waiting for a while, a new notification will appear containing We have sent the activation code to your inbox.
  • Click on the inbox menu and then open the message.
  • When you have clicked on the menu Click here the activation process will continue.
  • Please wait a moment because the system will automatically check the indihome network first. If you register through the indihome network, the activation process will be successful.
  • If it is successful, a notification will appear. successful activation on incoming messages.
  • And later, the username and password account can be seen in the inbox details.
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If you are still confused, please comment below. And if you don’t subscribe to indihome, now many have sold integrated accounts through well-known market platforms in Indonesia, such as shopee, tokopedia and even Bukalapak, they sell them at competitive prices.