How to register Google Maps for your business location

How to register Google Maps for your business location
How to register Google Maps for your business location Did you know that over a billion people use Google Maps to find local businesses every day?

With more than 46% of all Google searches used to find local businesses, it’s no surprise that 72% of people who do a local search visit a store within a five-mile radius.

What does that mean to you, the local business owner? This means that you are losing a lot of local customers by not having your business on Google Maps!

Even more interesting are the trends around what people are searching for. In the last two years, there has been a 900% increase in searches that include the terms “near me” and “tonight/today.”

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With this hyperlocal search query, your business will only appear in search results if it appears on Google Maps.

So if you don’t use Google Maps, your competitors do, imagine all the customers you might have missed.

Don’t worry though; We are here to help. You can easily add your own business to Google Maps so you don’t miss out on being featured during these Google Local searches.

In this article, we will cover the following sections related to adding your business to Google Maps.

How to add your business to Google Maps

How To Add Your Business To Google Maps
How to register Google Maps for your business location 2

Are you ready to start showing up when potential customers place on Google? Here’s how to add your business to the map.

If your business isn’t listed on Google yet, you’ll need to create a Google My Business account. The process is free and easy; create an account at by clicking Sign in. If you already have an account, make sure you’re signed in before continuing to the next step.

Once you enter the dashboard or home page, you will see the option to click on the three horizontal bars on the top left side.

This is the menu. Scroll down the menu a bit until you see the “Add New Location” option.

You should now be prompted to enter your company name in the box. Type it in and click Next.

You will then be taken to another prompt asking for the location of your business. Enter your country, address, city, state, etc., and click Next.

Now is the time for you to show potential customers where your business is. Google will take you to a screen with a map of the area you entered on the previous screen and a red pin.

Register Google Maps

Zoom in on the exact location of your business and click and drag the Pin to the correct location. Any mistakes here can confuse potential customers, so make sure you get it right!

The next clues should ask for your company’s category, phone number, and website. If you already have a Google My Business account, this information may have been pre-populated, but you still have the opportunity to edit it here. Continue clicking next as you go.

You are almost there! In order for Google to list your business on Maps, Google must verify that you are the legal owner of the business.

This section will require a verification process that sends the PIN to a physical business address, business phone number, or other method.

Select your preferred verification method, wait for your PIN to arrive, and enter it into your account to successfully verify your business listing.

After completing the verification process, your business listing will be displayed on Google Maps. That means users will be able to get directions to your business, leave reviews, and see photos and other helpful details.

As an owner, you’ll be able to create promotional posts, respond to reviews, and track analytics like search volume and the number of times directions to your business were requested.

Still, do you have some questions? See below for our answers to some of the most common questions about adding your business to Google Maps.

To see if your business is already on Google Maps, go to and enter your business name and city in the search bar. After clicking Search, click on the tab that says map.

You will see a map of your area with a list of similar business names. If yours doesn’t appear, you’re not on Google Maps yet.

If your business is listed but you didn’t add it yourself, follow the steps to claim your business on Google to get verified owner access.

During the business listing process, you are asked to enter the address of your business before embedding it on the map.

Another way to add an address is to visit the Google My Business dashboard and edit directly from your Home. You will be able to make these changes once you become a verified owner.

Google Maps can often display real-time data, but as a general rule of thumb, you can expect street views to update every one to three years.

Even if you’ve added your business to Google Maps, your job isn’t done yet! Now is the time to really leverage this online presence and get potential customers out of the computer and out the door.

One of the most effective ways to convert these leads into customers is with Google reviews.

Here are some articles we’ve written on this topic to help you get the most out of your business listings on Google Maps.