How to Register MSMEs Online and Get IDR 1.2 Million BLT for Free 2022

How to Register MSMEs Online and Get IDR 1.2 Million BLT for Free 2022
How to Register MSMEs Online and Get IDR 1.2 Million BLT for Free 2022

Buddy, in this review admin will provide important information related to How to register SMEs for all friends.

As we all know folks, the government is currently trying to get the country’s economy back on its feet by providing social assistance to people affected by the pandemic.

It is not without reason, my friend, aids like BLT and MSMEs are being widely discussed by the public regarding the registration procedure and criteria for receiving government grants.

Now, this time, the administrator wants to share with the faithful visitors of on how to register MSMEs online. Assistance in which the registrant will be entitled to receive BLT.

Very good friend, before entering the point of how to register for SMEs. It is a good idea for all of you to know in advance what MIPYME Assistance is.

Getting to know MIPYME Assistance

Meet Umkm Bantuan

Productive Assistance to Micro-enterprises or what we know more as BPUM is a government aid directed to the microenterprise community.

In the first year of implementation of the BLT MIPYME, the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs chose around 12.8 million microenterprise actors affected by the pandemic to receive the Banpres BPUM BRI and BNI.

And in the first semester, around 9.8 million microentrepreneurs received MIPYME Assistance.

Not surprisingly, the microenterprise actors are the recipients of these MSMEs, because at least since last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the microenterprise actors have experienced a very large economic recession.

In the first year, the government provided assistance to MSME actors in the amount of Rs 2.4 million, which was divided into two disbursement semesters.

Meanwhile, this year, the government has prepared an assistance to micro-entrepreneurs affected by the pandemic in the amount of Rs 1.2 crore. The micro-enterprises that get it also have criteria and above all they must register first.

As for how to register for SMEs, it’s really not difficult, friends, but you need to prepare several main requirements to support registration acceptance.

Okay friends, everyone can follow the MSME registration steps that the admin will share below.

How to register MSMEs online

How To Register Umkm

Oh friend, actually how to register MSMEs both online and offline is very easy friends, but what you have to look at is the main requirement to register these MSMEs.

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Before registering a company for MSME Assistance. You must have the requirements.

In addition, the administrator has prepared the requirements that everyone must have before registering with SMEs.

Requirements for the Registry of MSMEs

How To Register

As we all know folks, the government is also selective about which micro-businesses will receive aid.

Some of these requirements are very important as government qualification criteria for micro-enterprises.

Yok, friends who want to register, please prepare the following files, okay?

  • To have Population identification number (NIK)
  • Citizen of the Republic of Indonesia
  • Microenterprise actors
  • Status not as official, BUMN or BUMD
  • Not having financing from banks or cooperatives
  • Attach SKU (Business Certificate)) or tip
  • Full Attachment Family card (KK)

Now my new friend can sign up for MSMEs.

How to register MSMEs online

As we know, friend, the BPUM Assistance Recipients are Micro-Enterprise actors who have been registered or registered as MIPYME actors.

That’s the main requirement as a rock catcher. So my friend must have a business registration number, which is the main requirement as a micro business actor.

Before you enroll at UMKM, you must have an NIB. To know how to register UMKM online, you can follow the admin steps as shown below.

How To Register Umkm 1
  • Friends all Sign in
  • if you don’t have an account, choose to register
  • and select the appropriate record Business scale of MSEs dude
  • so my friend selects Individual Business Actors
  • My friend will then be asked to enter an active cell phone number which needs to be filled in
  • And enter the email address to send the verification code
  • Next, check the verification code that was sent to you by email
  • Enter the verification code and complete the registration form by entering the actual data.
  • Fill out the form according to the procedure and check the option in the disclaimer box
  • Finally, my friend, touch the NIB process

Now, after successfully processing the manufacture of MIPYMES in the form of a commercial registration number, you must save the data.

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Because when the banpres disbursement process you will be asked to attach a NIB sheet for Micro Companies.

Friends who have registered with MSMEs have a great chance to get MSME assistance from the government.

Now my friend can check if our business or population registration number is registered in the recipient data of Banpres or BPUM in this way.

How to verify the NIK of MSME recipients

How To Register Umkm 21

After everyone has successfully registered the MSMEs on the official website https://oss.go.idmy friend, higher is the chance to get government help from BPUM or Banpres.

You can check the population identification number to receive or not receive UMKM assistance in an easy way.

You do not need to go to the UMKM office or the bank to see if your name is registered as a recipient or not.

No more cell phone or PC at home, my friend can access your name, you have the right to help or not, as the administrator will give you below:

  • Dude, go to search browser, open the link either can be from mobile or pc
  • Enter the NIK to be verified for MSME support
  • Also enter the verification code in the form of Captcha available
  • last selection prose query
  • Wait until the verification process is complete

If the Population Identification Number (NIK) you entered is registered as a recipient of MIPYME assistance, microentrepreneurs have the right to go to the nearest bank to disburse the aid funds.

Oh friend, there are some points about MSMEs that you should know.

Do not skip it friend, this review is important to know some types of SMEs.

Types of MSMEs receiving assistance

Example Of Umkm

Well my friend who has successfully registered MSMEs under the guise of a business registration number or NIB.

This indicates that the Micro Company you have is officially registered and entitled to MSME assistance.

However, there are several criteria that you must meet, as a requirement to be a recipient of MIPYME assistance funds.

Because there are several types of MSMEs that have the full support of the government to get up after the Covid-19 pandemic that hit

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Some of the types of MSMEs that the administrator has summarized below, friends, please listen carefully, okay?

Micro-enterprises in the Culinary Sector

Culinary Microenterprise

This type of culinary microenterprise is still a business that has the full support of the government.

Not without reason, friend, culinary needs are one of the high needs of enthusiastic consumers.

It doesn’t stop there my friend, the breadth of culinary business players offering typical snacks from the traditional to the modern, the culinary business opportunities continue to be promising.

Agricultural Sector Microenterprises

Agricultural Microenterprise

One of the microenterprises that has the full support of the government is in the agricultural sector. The government always prioritizes business in the agricultural sector considering the growing demand for food.

The business needs in the agricultural sector require large areas of land to speed up the agricultural process, the government always supports the agricultural micro-businesses so that they can operate smoothly.

automotive microenterprise

Automotive Business

One of the microenterprises that is currently occupied among microentrepreneurs. Microenterprise actors in the automotive sector include workshops and sales of spare parts.

High consumer demand for automobiles in terms of car or motorcycle engine repair encourages business players to be more creative in coming up with innovations in their services.

The government plays a role and supports the automotive micro-businesses that are moving faster and faster to launch every micro-business in the automotive sector.

Tips on MSME registration

For those of you who have successfully signed up and registered your NIB, you need to be selective in your micro-businesses as well.

The aid to MSMEs, which is disbursed every year, must be used in the best possible way to boost their business economy.

And also take advantage of this MIPYME assistance as an innovation to attract new consumers or add Human Resources in the field of business.


As much as the administrator can share about how to register MSMEs online easily, hope everyone can use them as references to register MSMEs.

Well, see you in another interesting article, friend..