How to resolve WiFi ID login page not showing up

How to resolve WiFi ID login page not showing up
How to resolve WiFi ID login page not showing up

How to solve WiFi Id login page not showing? Don’t worry because there are many ways you can do to fix it easily and quickly.

WiFi id is an alternative service widely used by users to get a fast and unlimited Internet connection.

By using the Wifi id service, you can perform various activities browsing either to download without being limited by the size of the installment. This is what makes WiFi ID so many users on cell phones and laptops.

However, this ease of access is sometimes not smoothly accompanied when you access your own Wifi ID login page. Often the Wifi id login page does not appear in the browser on the main page so that users cannot login.

This problem often arises in some people who use Wifi if they are using a laptop or smartphone. Now, in this article, we will provide a solution on how to solve the WiFi ID login page not showing up, please keep reading the reviews below.

Information about what is WiFi ID


If some of you here are people who are not too familiar with this service, it doesn’t hurt to know what a WiFi ID is first.

This feature has been provided by Telkom for you to enjoy smooth and cheaper Internet access. By accessing this method, you will be able to surf the Internet until you are satisfied with the many necessary needs.

The advantage of Wifi Id is that it has super fast download speeds, starting at 3 Mbps or even more. In addition, the price of the WiFi ID voucher is also very cheap and pocket-friendly, especially for students, which is around 50 thousand per month.

Resolving WiFi ID login page not showing up

How To Solve Wifi Id Login Page Not Showing Up

When you connect a Wifi ID with a PC device, usually your device will automatically redirect to the site page wifi identification This redirection will be useful for you to enter your username and password on the Wifi identification page, but in various cases, the pc device sometimes becomes unresponsive and crashes meredirect.

There are several factors that can affect device failure meredirect or redirect to the Wifi ID site you are using. However, one of the contributing factors is a device that does not support entering the Wifi identification page.

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How to resolve Android WiFi Id login page:

  1. The first step, connect your cell phone to WiFi ID signal.
  2. Then open the settings menu, select the network and select the WiFi option.
  3. Then click on your WiFi name information.
  4. After that, enter the IP address either in your mobile browser and press enter.
  5. Then the WiFi ID login page will appear.

The above method to get past the WiFi Id login page can also be used for Iphone devices and on laptops.

Why the login page does not appear

Wifi Id Login Page Not Showing

There are several causes that cause WiFi Id login page not appearing issue on Android and iPhone or laptops, these are the causes which have been summarized in detail by hindsband.

DNS problem

The first thing that prevents you from logging in or getting to the WiFi ID welcome page is DNS. Try to remember, have you ever tampered with the Internet configuration system you are using?

Especially in DNS settings, now try to restore it as before. That is how:

  1. The first step, right click the wifi you are using, then click “status” > Click Properties > Double click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).
  2. Then see if it is using DNS, if it is, remove DNS and select Get DNS server address automatically.
  3. Click OK to finish and wait a few minutes.
  4. If still not successful, follow steps 1-2 and then change the DNS server to Google DNS which is
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Clear cache in browser

  1. First select open menu in the upper right corner, then click option
  2. Then select “Privacy & Security“then look for the writing”Cached web content”Then click on an option Clear now.
  3. Done.

Change Mozilla Firefox settings

How To Solve Wifi Id Login Page Not Showing Up
  1. The first thing to do is select the menu. open in the upper right corner, then click option.
  2. Find the “General“then click”network proxy” then click settings.
  3. Next select Auto-discover proxy settings for the network.
  4. Then click OK and you’re done.

Uninstall drivers

  1. The first step, right click on the Wifi you are using, then click “condition” > click Properties, then the screen appears wireless network connection properties.
  2. Select the driver you want to download uninstall > click uninstall.
  3. Click In agreement > restart your PC, it will automatically uninstall the driver

Contact Telkom Customer Service

How To Solve Wifi Id Login Page Not Showing Up

You can also contact the customer service then report the complaint that is being experienced. In this case, you can report that the welcome page does not appear.

To be able to contact customer service, you can also go directly to the nearest Telkom square. Later the technician will help you with the problem you are experiencing.

In addition to coming to Plasa Telkom, you can also contact customer service by phone and the official website of Telkom. They will help answer and sometimes be assisted through the system, and if you need technical assistance, your place will come.

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Contact Telkom:

Wi-Fi Managed Service

This method is possible, it can only be applied to clients that use WMS services, it can be a bit difficult, so the method is like this:

  1. If you are using a PC, when you connect to the SSID, the name will automatically open the browser, and the WMS login will be done in the browser. Well when you login you will save url link log in history the browser you are using.
  2. Next you have to search url link in-history browser, in this case you can use Google Chrome, to open history pressing CTRL + H.
  3. On the menu History, type the keyword “WSM”, when you have found the url, then click the url where there is mac:xx:xx:xx and SSID (example: WMS name [email protected]) appropriate.
  4. Finally, you just need to log in, but usually the wifi id will connect automatically.

Grades: For those of you users of Microsoft Edge browser and also Opera browser who want to open the menu, Historythe command is also the same, i.e. CTRL + Hand for Google Firefox users, click the three lines icon in the top right corner of the screen, then select References and then select History.

the last word

That is the way to solve WiFi ID login page not showing up without taking much time. You just need to choose one of the above methods to be able to access the WiFi identification service.

You can also share information with us and other readers in other ways in the comments column below. It can be useful!

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