How to run an ice cream business with limited capital and resources

How to run an ice cream business with limited capital and resources
How to run an ice cream business with limited capital and resources

How To Do Ice Cream Business: The ice cream business opportunity can be said to be a profitable opportunity. Here are 7 ways to start an ice cream business with limited capital and resources.

The world of ice cream business in Indonesia is never ending, and it continues to grow very fast. Ice cream products are the best-selling beverage business.

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Almost everyone in this world must have tasted the delicacy of ice cream, including the people of Indonesia. Ice cream is a very popular food among all ages, both children, adolescents and parents.

The ice cream has a characteristic sweet flavor with a smooth texture that is also very refreshing. Ice cream flavors are quite diverse, ranging from chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, mocha and others.

The enjoyment of the taste of ice cream often makes people addicted. It is no wonder that ice cream is highly sought after and demanded by most people.

The key to a successful ice cream business to be able to compete with the competitors that already exist in the market is to create an innovation, be it in form, price or flavor.

Making the taste or appearance of ice cream more unique from competitors can add value to the sale without giving up the cold, delicious taste of ice cream.

I can not wait? Let’s see how to start an ice cream business!

7 ways to start an ice cream business

1. Start an ice cream business

It can be said that the ice cream business is very bright and profitable. Where through the ice cream business you can generate bombastic profits.

Businesses dealing with processed ice cream have very good prospects in the future. The ice cream business that has been around for a long time continues to grow.

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When running an ice cream business, you can get started with easy and simple steps. By running an ice cream business, it can be managed with small capital needs that are carried out on a household scale.

2. Does not require a lot of capital

Many people are concerned that starting a business requires a lot of capital and human resources. Don’t worry, this ice cream business opportunity does not require a lot of money.

When detailed, this is the capital that must be prepared

Freezer Rp1,500,000.00

Blender Rp450,000.00

Scoop and Container for Ice Cream IDR 50,000.00

Basin IDR 50,000.00

In total, the required cost is around Rs 2 million. Additional IDR 350,000.00 to buy special equipment for those of you who want to market it selling can buy ice cream boxes and coolers.

However, if you want to sell on the spot, you need an additional Rs 750,000.00 to buy spoons, plates, glasses and also equipment such as tables and chairs. After all, the issued capital does not exceed 3 million rupees.

3. The target market is clear

This is also very important before opening a business, that is, looking at the target market. Processed ice cream is liked by all people, so you need to process the ice cream carefully and adjust it to the target market.

For the location, you can research various places where the ice cream can sell well. Places like campuses, shopping malls, schools, swimming pools, and cafes all have good potential in your ice cream business.

Indonesia has a tropical climate, so this is an added value that can help you sell ice cream.

The strategy used in the ice cream business must be different from that of the competitors. Ice creams made with other flavors such as the use of traditional ingredients such as sweet potato ice cream, purple sweet potato and banana ice cream.

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4. Ice cream business raw materials

In the operation of an ice cream business, raw materials are required for its preparation.

To make delicious ice cream, raw materials are needed, namely ice cream powder, milk, chocolate, cream, various toppings, fresh fruit and other toppings.

To find raw materials for ice cream, you can find the nearest store, market or supermarket.

5. Commercial ice cream equipment

An important team is required in the ice cream business.

Such as booths, hard ice cream machines, knives, jugs, trays, tables, chairs, ice cream scoops, spoons, cups, basins, blenders, napkins, banners and other equipment.

6. Strategic Location for Ice Cream Sales

When selling ice cream, you can choose the right, strategic and crowded location.

You can open outlets, stalls, and kiosks in shopping malls, downtown, near schools, markets, near hospitals, highways, city parks, around campus, and others.

7. Selling price of ice cream

The reference price for ice cream can be set per serving, where the price starts from Rs 3,000.00 to Rs 8,000.00 or more.

Finding ice cream is very easy, starting from the roadside, shops, restaurants to the malls that sell it.

The price of ice cream varies a lot from cheap to expensive. The community’s enthusiasm for frozen products makes this food a promising business opportunity.

Where the market share of ice cream products is large and easy to market. Of course, you will be very profitable if you run this ice cream business. Are you interested in running this profitable ice cream business?

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In fact, it can be said that the luck of the ice cream business is very profitable. The potential of the ice cream business is not arbitrary. Where through this business you can bring quite a large profit.

This ice cream business always sells well so the losses incurred are minimal. Products that have become people’s favorites will certainly be easy to turn into a profitable business.

Therefore, it is very clear whether the ice cream business is feasible to operate. Ice cream business can be run with easy steps.

With just 3 to 6 million capital, you can easily start an ice cream business. By developing innovation and creativity, the ice cream business can be managed.

From the texture that can be seen, there are 2 types of ice cream that you can make, namely soft ice cream (soft and hard ice cream (hard). They both have differences in the way they are made.

Soft ice cream has a smooth texture, so it requires an ice cream cone machine to make it. Meanwhile, hard ice cream has a hard texture if frozen in the freezer to be served with a scoop of ice cream.

The added point of this type of hard ice cream is that it does not require a machine for its preparation. Just use a mixer and then freeze in the freezer. Also, this kind of ice cream can be processed into various menus, such as fried ice cream, Oreo ice cream, salad ice cream, mochi ice cream, etc.

Thus, a review of 7 ways to start an ice cream business and business analysis that can be used as a reference for starting the ice cream business. Interested in running an ice cream business?