How to scan Spotify code on Android and iOS? House GB

How to scan Spotify code on Android and iOS?  House GB
How to scan Spotify code on Android and iOS? House GB

To scan a Spotify code, all you need to do is open the Spotify app on Android or iOS. At the bottom, between Home and Your Library, you’ll find the search bar. Select the camera icon in the search bar at the top, and then point your camera at the Spotify code you’d like to open.

How to Scan Spotify Codes (Android and iOS Devices Only)?

You’ll find Spotify codes almost everywhere, from bus stops to billboards to your friend’s phone. The only way to scan Spotify codes is through mobile devices (Android and iOS), not through the desktop player or web player.

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You can scan a Spotify code from a mobile device by opening the Spotify app and clicking the Search tab in the toolbar at the bottom. tap inside the Artists, songs or podcasts field to open the search function.

Scan A Spotify Code

Select the camera in the search bar to open the camera. Point your camera at any Spotify code to scan it.

How To Scan A Spotify Code On Android And Ios

The Spotify mobile app will detect a Spotify code and automatically redirect you to the encrypted content.

What is a Spotify URI code?

Spotify also has something called URI codes. Unlike Spotify codes, they don’t work the same way; pointing your camera at a Spotify URI will not give results.

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They are URI codes that exist outside of Spotify and function as URL links. In fact, it is possible to identify anything using URIs since they are text based. When it comes to Spotify, they are used to identify (and point to) the same types of elements found in Spotify codes. Items include music, podcasts, playlists, and profiles.

How to find a Spotify URI code (desktop)?

How To Find A Spotify Uri Code (Desktop)

To find a URI code in the Spotify desktop app:

  • Open the Spotify desktop app.
  • Navigate to any part of the content you want the URI code to. It can be a song, an album, a playlist, a podcast or a profile.
  • Right click on that piece of content.
  • Move your mouse down the list of options to Share.
  • With the mouse over Sharehold down the Control key on your keyboard (or option key for Mac users). This will make the option Copy Spotify URI Appear.
  • Still holding down that key, click Copy Spotify URI.
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