How to take care of an iPhone battery so it lasts and doesn’t get damaged quickly

How to take care of an iPhone battery so it lasts and doesn’t get damaged quickly
How to take care of an iPhone battery so it lasts and doesn’t get damaged quickly

How to take care of an iPhone battery so that it lasts and doesn’t get damaged quickly – Until now, the iPhone is known as a high-quality cell phone. This is the reason why so many people want to have the iPhone.

Unfortunately, this sophisticated cell phone is famous for its battery, which is quite wasteful, that is, it runs out quickly. Whereas for now the cell phone battery is a very important part of a cell phone.

Because it is related to the performance of the device. Well, you don’t need to worry because there are actually several ways to take care of your iPhone battery so that it lasts and doesn’t get damaged quickly.

Some of these points are basic knowledge that iPhone users may need to know.

This is so that your cell phone batteries really last a long time and don’t get damaged quickly. For those who are curious, you can directly see the following forms.

How to take care of the iPhone battery so that it lasts

Actually, several ways. Here is a very common way. But unfortunately, there are not a few who ignore it.

Do not play when the cell phone is on the charger.

The first way is not to play when the phone is still on the charger. And actually, this method doesn’t just apply to iPhone users.

But it also applies to users of other devices. Including those using Android, yes. Because basically, when you play games while charging your cell phone, it will have a very negative impact on your battery life later on.

Why is that? Because when you play games while charging your mobile phone, the existing capacity will continue to be absorbed by the needs of games that, in fact, require a lot of power.

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So when the power required by the game is higher than the input, it will make your phone hot and quickly damaged.

So, for those of you who like to play games while charging, try not to do it anymore so that your iPhone battery lasts a long time.

Do not call while charging

In addition to not using your phone to play games when it’s charging, try not to call when your iPhone is charging.

Because both of them will make the phone work more and can have a bad effect on your cell phone battery.

No social media games

For those of you who seem addicted to social media, cutting down on your usage is a must. So you don’t have to worry about accessing social networks while you’re charging.

Use quality USB cables and adapters

The next way to take care of your iPhone battery for a long time is to use a quality USB cable and also a quality adapter.

And if you can, always try to use an original cable or an iPhone-specific cable, also known as Made for iPhone.

Also, for now there are quite a few manufacturers producing USB cables and adapters with not so good quality.

And if you still use it, of course, it can have a negative impact on battery life later on. That’s because products that aren’t actually meant for the iPhone certainly have specs that don’t match the iPhone device you have.

So don’t be tempted by the cheap price. Because if it does break down, the cost of repairing it is much more expensive than the price of data cables and adapters that are not so expensive.

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Set light and sea power mode

Another way is to set the power mode of the light and the garnish. alias using proper lighting. When you maximize the brightness level of the iPhone, it can make the battery consumed by the cell phone much larger.

And this will also affect the durability of the battery. Now for iOS 9 users, you can only use Power Law mode feature.

Which, this feature is in fact introduced to help you adjust the lighting automatically.

In addition, this feature will also maximize phone performance and minimize animation screen to make your iPhone battery last longer.

In the meantime, for those of you who haven’t used iOS 9, you can of course adjust the brightness level of your cell phone manually.

Do not use the iPhone when the temperature is very high

Did you know that the iPhone actually has several temperature rules? This is so that it can be used optimally when it is stored or when it is still in use.

That means there are some temperatures that force you to stop using your iPhone. Because it may affect the performance of the phone.

The normal limit set by the iPhone is 35 degrees Celsius. So when your phone is very high temperature i.e. hot, please stop using it.

Do not ignore it. Because it can cause the components inside the iPhone to get hot and its resistance starts to decrease. And this will affect the quality of the battery in the future.

Do not use the power bank too often

For now, it seems that many people are too comfortable using power banks. In fact, the power bank will be much better if it is used correctly.

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That’s for not using it often. This doesn’t just apply to iPhone users. But it also applies to Android users.

In fact, the existence of a power bank is quite useful when your cell phone suddenly drops or turns off because it has no more battery. Especially when you are in need of the phone.

But still, maybe even use a smart power bank. Don’t use it too often.

Because long-term use of a power bank can quickly damage your iPhone battery.

Remove iPhone case while charging

Did you know that it turns out that removing the iPhone case while it’s charging is one way to take care of your iPhone’s battery so it’s strong and long-lasting?

This is because releasing cash when it’s in the magazine will cause the temperature to flow until it cools faster.

Don’t use it until it runs out

This method is also included in the most common way. For those of you who still use your cell phone often until the battery is completely empty, try to get rid of this bad habit. Because it will make the battery get damaged faster.

power off on charge

The last one is to turn off the iPhone when it is charging. This method is believed to make the battery last longer and last longer. Because the temperature will be stable.

Those are some ways to take care of your iPhone battery so that it lasts and doesn’t get damaged quickly. Hope it helps and hopefully useful.