How to take care of HP so it remains durable and doesn’t go bad quickly

How to take care of HP so it remains durable and doesn’t go bad quickly
How to take care of HP so it remains durable and doesn’t go bad quickly – How to take care of HP so it remains durable and doesn’t go bad quickly. Nowadays smartphones are like a primary necessity. Frequent use of HP can make you vulnerable to damage, especially if your use is too messy and messy.

Smartphone damage can be a cracked screen, a waste of battery, an operating system that starts to slow down, to the point that it often crashes when in use.

To prevent this, of course, it is very important that we know how to take good care of Android phones so that they last.

Also, there is no guarantee that expensive smartphones will last longer than cheaper ones. Of course, the durability of an electronic device depends a lot on the user.

Sometimes we need to know the various bad habits that make smartphones get damaged quickly. The goal is not to change smartphones often due to misuse.

How to take good care of your cell phone so that it lasts

How To Take Care Of Hp So It Remains Durable And Doesn'T Go Bad Quickly
How to take care of HP so it remains durable and doesn’t go bad quickly

The performance of a smartphone will decrease over time, especially if it is used frequently to communicate, work, navigate, access information and socialize in the media.

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To make it durable, here’s how to take care of Android and iPhone cell phones, other brands that Qoala has summarized as important information for you.

1. Use the original charger

How do you take care of the battery of your Android mobile so that it lasts? One of them using the original charger. The reason is that using a fake or KW charger whose quality is below standard and does not necessarily match the battery’s specifications may damage the smartphone.

Using a power bank to charge the battery is also not recommended too often because the heat from the power bank has the potential to cause damage. It is not that you cannot, but regulate its use, that is, when you are in a really urgent condition.

2. Charge as needed

Another way to take good care of your cell phone is to charge it as needed. Please do not charge 100 percent so that the smartphone battery can last for a long time. Why is that? The reason is that the capacity of smartphone batteries made of lithium ion (Li-on) can decrease when they receive a high voltage.

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Also note that if the lithium metal layer of the battery continues to receive electrical current, it will cause the battery to become unstable. This can cause the smartphone battery to bulge and even explode if left for a long time.

3. Choose the right case for your smartphone

There are many accessories/cases for smartphones on the market and sometimes it can confuse us to choose the best one. Who would have thought that choosing HP accessories also has an effect on making a smartphone durable?

The original accessories of the smartphone have been adapted to the shape and specifications of the HP to make it more comfortable to use. It’s just that the use of accessories can make the phone heat up faster. Therefore, you must be smart when choosing accessories that can release heat.

4. Clean the dust stuck to the smartphone

How to take care of a new Android phone so that it lasts longer by cleaning the dust that sticks to the smartphone. Dust that settles on the smartphone can make the device heat up more easily. Therefore, you should regularly clean your smartphone so that its performance does not decrease.

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Use a microfiber cloth or eyeglass cloth for best results when cleaning your smartphone. Do not use tissues because the fibers can remain in the smartphone. It not only cleans the dust from the screen, but also sticks to the inside of the components.

5. Please turn off the smartphone when not in use

Smartphones also need to rest like other electronic devices. The hardware of the smartphone will wear out if it is used frequently, especially if it is forced. For that, another way to make HP durable that you can try is to turn off the smartphone when not in use.

This will help cool down the important components of the smartphone like the RAM, the processor and also the battery.

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