How to top up your Jago balance through DANA, it’s easy and without administrative fees

How to top up your Jago balance through DANA, it’s easy and without administrative fees
How to top up your Jago balance through DANA, it’s easy and without administrative fees

Do you have a DANA balance and want to transfer it to Jago? The method is very easy and free of administrative charges. You can follow the steps that I want to share with you below.

DANA itself is a digital financial service that has several great features. One of them can make transfers between banks for free, including top-up of Jago balances through the bank transfer function.

While Jago is an app issued by Bank Jago, one of the digital banks in Indonesia that is currently on the rise.

So how to recharge Jago balance through DANA? Before proceeding, make sure your DANA account is a Premium account, okay! Otherwise, upgrade to DANA Premium first. If you have already upgraded, you can follow these simple steps.

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How to recharge Jago balance through DANA

  • Open the DANA app.
  • Go to menu Send then select send to bank.
  • Then select Add new bank account.
  • In the selected bank, select Jago Bankyou can type “Jago” in the search field and then select Bank Jago.
  • Then enter the destination Bank Jago account number and then press Save Continue.
  • Please make sure the name of the account holder matches the name above before proceeding.
  • Enter the amount sent (minimum IDR 10,000 or IDR 50,000 for free administration transfer fees), add a note if necessary, and then press To give.
  • Enter the DANA PIN to complete the transaction.
How To Recharge Jago Balance Through Dana

Pretty easy, right? In some transactions, security confirmation may be required, either by facial verification or by entering the OTP code sent by SMS.

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Administrative fee transfer from DANA to Jago

As I mentioned earlier, the administrative fee to transfer from DANA to Bank Jago is free if you transfer a minimum of IDR 50,000. The minimum transfer in DANA is 10,000 IDR, but is subject to a transfer fee of 2,500 IDR.

If you want free management transfer fees, you need to transfer a minimum of IDR 50,000. You get 10 times a month free transfer fee and it will reset again for next month.

DANA balance top-up fee

There are many options to top up your DANA balance, and almost all of them are free. For those of you who have bank accounts, you can recharge through the mobile banking app for free, especially for the big banks.

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If you don’t have a bank account or mobile banking service, you can top up your DANA balance through Alfamart. So far, recharging through Alfamart remains free. However, this policy may change at any time.