How to use a laptop easily

How to use a laptop easily
How to use a laptop easily– On this happy occasion the administrator will discuss about How to use a laptop easilythe following discussion.

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And below, the administrator will discuss how to use a laptop easily, including the following.

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How to use a laptop easily

How To Use A Laptop Easily
How to use a laptop easily

If you’ve been using a Windows-based computer for a long time, when you use a Mac for the first time, you’ll usually be a bit confused.

Due to various habits made while operating Windows OS, it cannot be applied to Mac laptops.

And here are some software names for laptops and also How to use a laptop Easilyincluding the following.

1. Right click

A habit that Windows users often do is to right click, because as we all know, whether it is a mouse or a trackpad on a Windows based computer/laptop, a button is always provided which is used to display menus. additional by right-clicking.

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2. Menu bar

On Windows, the menu bar is available for every window that is opened, but on Mac, there is only one type of menu bar which will then be shared between all applications.

3. Red “X” icon

As is known, in Windows the red “X” in the upper right corner of the currently open application window has the function of closing the program.

4. Keyboard shortcut

The next way to learn how to use Mac laptops involves the habits of Windows users, which will actually be confusing if set up on a Mac laptop.

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As is known, in the Windows operating system there is a “Control” button on the keyboard, the “Control” button is often combined with various letter keys. Examples like “Control + C” which is used to copy or copy text.


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