How To Use Anonymous Chat Telegram Update 2021

How To Use Anonymous Chat Telegram Update 2021
How To Use Anonymous Chat Telegram Update 2021
How To Use The Latest Anonymous Chat Telegram

How To Use Latest Anonymous Chat Telegram: Telegram is one of the social media that is widely used by smartphone users and by using this app you can get new friends to chat even in incognito mode. You can use the method to make friends on Telegram with Anonymous.

Telegram anonymous chat is a truly unique form of communication, i.e. it brings Telegram users together via bots without knowing each other’s names etc.

So you will find your own pleasure. Dealing with someone you don’t know will test your way of communicating

How to use the latest anonymous chat Telegram

One of the newest anonymous Telegram bots in 2021 is an accessible chat bot that is popular with anonymous Telegram users. Identifier is a chatbot widely used by Indonesian users. The method is:

  • Just go to your Telegram
  • Click search and type “Chatbot”
  • choose the best bot
  • Send a chat by typing /start chat in the chatbot.
  • You will receive the message Looking for a partner, which means that you are looking for a partner for anonymous chat.
  • When finished, the bot will send the message “Partner found”
  • Here you can interact
  • To switch partners, you can type /next, while to stop /stop
  • Also, to change the male or female gender setting, you can type /Settings.
  • That arrangement will certainly make it easier for us to find a partner that suits your wishes.
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How to change settings

Unfortunately, these bots are often troublesome at night. It can be due to slow response to friend’s chat, unknown friend not showing up, sudden jump, etc.

In addition to the above methods, you can also follow the below methods to change the language and gender, namely:

  • Write /settings in chat on chatbot.
  • To change the gender, select “set my gender“Then choose female or male.
  • To change the language, select “set my language” then write I
  • To open the help menu, type /aid that there will be many options to ask questions related to your problem.
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For the next method, you can save the number or contact of other people who are your friends in the chat. We can’t save the method directly, but you can ask your opponent’s Telegram number to chat.

This way you will get a number and chat normally on Telegram in general. Who knows, you might have a match with your chat partner on Anonymous.

How to disable

With chatbots, you usually get bored after finding people interesting enough to be friends with in the real world and have their numbers. So you can use this method to disable it, ie:

  • Press menu with three dots icon at the top right of the chatbot’s chat.
  • Click delete chat in some options
  • Click okay to end your chat.
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That is the discussion on how to use the latest anonymous chat Telegram, if you have any questions please ask in the comment column.