How to use Flip app for beginners

How to use Flip app for beginners
How to use Flip app for beginners

To ease the transfer process without getting cut off, you must know how to use the Flip app. Although it is a new application, many are satisfied with the use of this application.

The advantage of this application is that for interbank transfers there are no administrative fees.

How to use Flip app for beginners

Download app

The first step that can be done is to download the app first.

You can download it for free through the App Store or Play Store depending on the type of cell phone.

Turn Around
turn around. (IT IS)

This app is also not big in size so it is safe for internal memory.

Login and select the send money menu

The next step to use the latest Flip app is to go to the app and select its menu.

Don’t forget to register first and then you can use all existing features.

After everything is installed successfully, select the “Send Money” menu.

How To Use The Most Complete Flip Application
How to use the most complete Flip application. (IST)

To get this feature you just need to search icon plane shape

For those of you who are confused, you can read the new user tutorial available in the app.

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enter account

After finding the “Send Money” menu, the next step is to enter your full account number.

Completely enter all account numbers, beneficiary names, and desired face amount.

But please note that the balance in this app must be enough.

Repeated checks until all submitted data is correct.

This is because if you go to the next page you cannot go back.

How To Use The Latest Flip App
How to use the latest Flip app. (IST)

review page

For further verification, you will be redirected to the page revision.

To know how to use the most complete Flip application, the next step is to check all the data sent before confirming.

Check the full part of the account number, the recipient’s name, and also the desired face amount.

If everything is correct, you can continue by clicking “Continue”.

When this button is clicked, the request is processed immediately.

terms and conditions page

The next step is that you will be taken to the terms and conditions page that you must follow.

This page contains many paragraphs explaining the special conditions when sending money using this application.

You have to read everything to the end and understand it properly.

After you understand everything correctly, you can click on the bottom page that contains “Done, I agree”.

Wait a few moments and your request can be processed immediately.

Check transactions

The next step is to immediately check your email inbox for the history of transactions that have just taken place.

The thing to understand is that when signing up for Flip, don’t forget to link your email address with the app.

So that all forms of transactions can be recorded correctly.

Reviewing transactions on a regular basis can make it easier for you to clearly see money coming in and going out.

Also, those who require a clearer accounting process, of course, this application is very useful.

ATM balance transfer

Another way to send money through Flip is not only from the balance but also from an ATM.

You can link it to the ATM you’re using so you don’t have to leave your house for transfers.

Of course, this will greatly facilitate the process of sending money in large amounts.

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You must have a clear understanding of all the ways to use the Flip app so you don’t get left behind. This app is very easy and safe to use. It is suitable for users who open a business and need to process many transfers in a day. Save time and energy because it supports transactions between multiple banks.

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