How to use the DANA app sequentially

How to use the DANA app sequentially
How to use the DANA app sequentially

You can find how to use the DANA app for payment needs here. DANA itself is a digital wallet application for secure and easy non-cash transactions.

With this app, users now don’t have to carry a lot of cash to go out. Just bring a cell phone that already has the DANA application, any transaction will be more fluid. For those who want simple transactions, here’s how to use the DANA app.

How to use the DANA app without complications

Create an account

Before creating an account, make sure the app has been downloaded and installed on your phone.

If the app is installed, the next step is to open the app. Then enter the phone number used and press the continue button.

After entering the number, wait a few seconds, the OTP code will be sent by SMS immediately.

Enter the OTP code in the column provided, after that you will be accompanied to complete the data in the application.

Fill in your name and photo, then create a password to keep your account secure.

After that, click continue and now you can login to the DANA app.

Complete the balance

The DANA app offers several options to make it easier for users.

The safest way to use the DANA app to top up your balance is to top up your balance through a bank or commercial ATM.

That is how.

Through a bank ATM

Enter the ATM card and fill in the password.

When entering the password you need to be careful, make sure that when entering the password no one pays attention.

When you have entered the password, you can choose another menu and then click transfer.

Then select the option of a savings account, then look for options virtual account billing.

How To Use The Dana App Is Easy
Using the DANA app is easy. (IST)

After clicking the option, a column will appear to fill in the password. Enter the password by providing the code according to the bank and add the number registered in this application.

To know the bank code, you can see it in the recharge section.

Then enter the desired balance amount, then confirm the transaction. Wait a few seconds until the balance amount is seen in the DANA app.

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through the merchant

Visit DANA dealers in Alfamart, Alfamidi, Ramayana and others.

Tell the cashier that you want to add the balance in the DANA account.

After that, you will be asked to enter your phone number, tell the cashier the phone number that is active and registered in the DANA app.

Please indicate the amount of balance you want to add, the minimum balance that can be sent is around IDR 50,000.

Follow the cashier’s instructions to finish topping up your DANA balance. After that, make sure the balance amount has been sent to the app.

After confirming, don’t forget to pay a fee with the balance. Now your DANA app has a balance and is ready to be used as a transaction tool.

The Safest Way To Use The Dana App
The safest way to use the DANA app. (IST)

How to transact with DANA

After filling the balance, the easiest way to use the DANA app is to use the app as a means of payment.

When you go out but don’t have your wallet with you, don’t worry, the DANA app can help you with these transactions in the following ways.

First, open the DANA app and then click the payment button.

Then scan the DANA QR code in the DANA scan tool.

successful payment.

In addition to paying for purchases, DANA can also be used to pay other bills related to household matters. You can see it at various DANA functions.

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If you want to make transactions easy and convenient, use the DANA app. Don’t forget to follow how to use the DANA app to make it easier for you to run the app.

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