How to use the Diamond promotion in Mobile Legends, buy cheap skins! –

How to use the Diamond promotion in Mobile Legends, buy cheap skins!  –
How to use the Diamond promotion in Mobile Legends, buy cheap skins! –
How To Use The Diamond Promotion In Mobile Legends – Do you always play mobile legends games? If yes, then they should know how to easily use diamond promotion in ml. You can use this ml diamonds promotion later to buy ml skin at a discounted price, well it’s good enough to reduce the real price. See How to use the Diamond promotion in Mobile Legends.

Usually, the skin is priced in ml with expensive diamonds, but by taking advantage of this promotional event of diamonds in ml, you can reduce the price more easily. But to get this diamond promotion you need to join or enter one of the ml events called Mille Crepe Mobile Legends.

By entering this Mille Crepe ML event, you can easily get a chance to participate in the diamond promotion. Here we will discuss how to follow it and immediately buy the skin you are looking for. Let’s see it below.

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How to use the Diamond promotion in Mobile Legends

How To Use The Diamond Promotion In Mobile Legends

In the ML game, of course, there are many events that you can directly participate in, you can participate in the event to get a lot of prizes, and so on. For an event that is no less interesting for you to participate is the Mille Crepe ML event with the aim of participating in the ml diamond promotion.

For the steps to follow, just check below.

  1. The first step, enter the ML game and enter the ML store section.
  2. Next, select a skin that has participated in the promotion, the goal is that the skin can be purchased using the ml diamond promotion.
  3. Select the skin, then in the payment option select using the Diamond option.
  4. In this option there will be other options like using regular diamonds, using diamond promotions for diamond tickets.
  5. Then you have to choose to use the diamond promotion.
  6. Done.
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You just have to pay with the diamonds that have been listed in the bandrol above. To buy the ml skin, please prepare the diamond ml first so that your application process can be done easily.

But it’s a pity for this event, of course it doesn’t exist every day, so you can use it when the event takes place and you need to join immediately.

Here we do not know for sure when Moonton will resume this event, but as far as possible, we will provide the latest information related to this event.

Hopefully, by reading this article, the event is still valid and you can follow and use it and you can buy your dream skins, which of course may have a high price before you join this event.

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It can be said that this diamond promotion is a discount from the normal price, so of course the price is cheaper. There are a lot of ML players who want to use it and those of you who know this method should give it a try right away, because this event doesn’t just take place and Moonton will replace it with the next event.

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You should know that every event in the ML game of course always has a predetermined time limit, so if when you try the method we have given you it fails or you can’t, you can be sure that this event is over and you need waiting for the next event. . How to use the Diamond Promo in Mobile Legends, hopefully it will be useful.