How to use the FF grenade launcher, damaged weapon

How to use the FF grenade launcher, damaged weapon
How to use the FF grenade launcher, damaged weapon

JS Media – FF grenade launcher it is one of the main weapons that is very popular in the Free Fire game. Naturally, because the presence of this weapon adds to the excitement on the playing field.

Just like other weapons, grenades also have different features, functions, and abilities. Therefore, the survivors must understand these points in order to win the match.

Tricks to Use Grenade Launcher FF and its Types

In Indonesian, the meaning of a grenade launcher is a grenade launcher. This weapon includes equipment that has a high level of damage, because the level of accuracy is really maximum.

Tricks to use the FF Grenade Launcher

What this means is that even if the survivor fires from a very long distance, the grenade will definitely hit the target. However, this weapon has a curved direction, so the survivors must correctly follow the following trick:

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  • First of all, make sure the distance between the survivor and the enemy is still within range
  • Point the end of the red line of the weapon towards where the enemy is. The good news is that survivors can target the enemy from behind the wall, due to the curved aim direction.
  • Make sure the bow fits snugly, then drop the grenade.
  • Also learn how to code a Bio FF M1887 aesthetic

When using this grenade launcher weapon, survivors must have strong feelings and instincts. The reason is that to ensure that the curved line of the weapon is correct, it is not as easy as aiming at the opponent with a shot.

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Therefore, survivors must practice this skill to obtain a high level of accuracy. This takes time, just like when deciding on the choice of EVO Skin that was released on Free Fire.

Types of grenade launcher weapons

In addition to training to throw grenades, survivors must also know the ins and outs of this weapon. As a leak, here are some weapon types that include the grenade launcher:

  1. M79 Senjata weapon

The advantage of this weapon is that the accuracy rate is quite high, but there is only one truly lethal ammunition. It took quite a while to reload with new stock.

  1. MGL140
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Compared to similar weapons, the rate of fire of the MGL140 is the highest. There are only 4 bullets and they cannot be fired consecutively, but it takes a while.

  1. RGS50

This type of grenade launcher is the deadliest weapon with the fastest process. RGS50s are generally used by survivors to shoot at opponents who are driving, either on a motorcycle or in a car.


The FF grenade launcher is the best weapon that survivors need to protect and use as effectively as possible. As mentioned above, the stock of ammunition in this weapon is not much. Therefore, be careful when throwing it away.