How to use the Kinemaster app for beginners

How to use the Kinemaster app for beginners
How to use the Kinemaster app for beginners

One of the complete video editor is Kinemaster, you must know how to use Kinemaster app for beginners. Kinemaster can be used for all your video needs, both business and entertainment.

The resulting video is also more elegant with a size that can be adjusted.custom according to the needs.

Learn how to use the Kinemaster app for beginners

How to save and select video size

The first way to use it is about how to save and select the size of the video.

To do this you just have to click icon available in the top corner of the app.

Wait a few moments for the size options for the video to appear.

Select the desired resolution on the video and click save.

How To Use The Latest Kinemaster App For Beginners
How to use the latest Kinemaster app for beginners. (IST)

project test

The second way to use the Kinemaster app for beginners is the project testing process.

Sometimes when the process is over edition but still not sure about the results before saving.

You don’t have to worry just press icon set then the project will play automatically.

Then take a look at how it looks, replace the parts that don’t fit.

stickers and effects

The third way is to add an interesting touch to the appearance of the video editor using stickers and effects.

To find this feature, all you need to do is select the layers menu or layer.

After that select the used sticker or effect.

Edit the location and size according to the needs of the video.

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give text

The next thing about how to use the Kinemaster app for complete beginners is to give text.

The text has a crucial function to explain the content of the video.

Also, if the video is not equipped with sound, it will be difficult to understand.

How to use this function is to select icon layer or layers.

Then select the menu “Text” and enter the desired text.

In that menu you can also choose the size, color and type of font to be used.

How To Use Kinemaster App For Complete Beginners
The most complete way to use the Kinemaster app for beginners. (IST)

Add photos and icons

To make the video more lively, you can usually add photos or videos as well icon as an explanation.

How to insert this element in the video is with to import.

take a photo, gift either icon that you want to include in the video as needed.

You can stack photos or icons using the layer or layer menu.


For those who don’t understand anything about the layer system in Kinemaster, there is no need to worry.

The layer is an icon that is often used to combine elements with each other.

Ability To make this layer, it must first be mastered to get an aesthetic video type.

This also applies to all functions that remain active at the time of storage.

Generally, thesupport for Introduced in this layering process is the PNG format.

You can penetrate the image with another icon without losing the image.

add music

The next step is to add music as an accompaniment to the video.

Music makes videos come alive when played.

In order to add music, you can directly select “to import”.

Then select the desired personal music to enter the application.

You can trim the seconds and any part of the music that you need and don’t need.

This is also related to the length of the resulting video later on.

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How to use the Kinemaster app for beginners is quite easy but it requires patience to learn. You must be able to distinguish the function of each icon and the rules that apply to it. Do not forget to practice video editing frequently to familiarize yourself with all its functions,

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