How to verify GoPay Plus account

How to verify GoPay Plus account
How to verify GoPay Plus account

Cara Verifikasi Akun Gopay Plus

I have been using the Gojek/GoPay app for several years, but it hasn’t worked because gets better because my ID card is slightly scratched and verification failed.

  • GoPay: not updated
  • GoPay Plus: Sesudah Update

As a result, I used GoPay only for Gojek and used a little for Tokopedia payments, because if you haven’t upgraded, the limit is small.

Now, because my ID card has been updated, this time I will verify GoPay Plus.

Oh yeah, if you haven’t signed up at all, it’s pretty easy.

  • Download the app
  • Register a phone number and follow the registration steps.

The steps

karma ready I have, so the tutorial below is KTP verification, for update Go Pay Plus.

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things to prepare

  • KTP
  • HP camera is useful for selfies
  1. On the main page, click on the menu ‘Explore‘, then click the ‘ iconPlusExplore - Gopay Plus
  2. Next click ‘Take a photo of e-KTP” for a photo ID, check the box.Take Photo Verification E-Ktp Gopay Plus
  3. After that, click “take selfie photo“Selfie here also make sure with the provided circleTake A Selfie - Verify Gopay Plus
  4. Finally click send and wait for it to finish, you can too close first go to the main page, for the results you can check the menu ‘Plus‘.Send Gopay Plus Verification

Frequently asked questions

Frequent questions

How long until verified?

It takes no more than 5 minutes to receive it, you can see it in the video version of the tutorial.

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Video Version Tutorial


Well, if you have become GoPay Plus, you can enjoy the features

  • Pay for friends and family
  • You can transfer between banks and other electronic wallets
  • You can withdraw cash at a BCA ATM
  • Increased Transaction Limit (GoPay Limit)

We hope that the information we provide can help, if you have any questions, you can write a comment below.

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