How to View Deleted Photos on Xiaomi Phones

How to View Deleted Photos on Xiaomi Phones
How to View Deleted Photos on Xiaomi Phones

Many users want to know how to view deleted photos on xiaomi phone without having to let go.

each user smartphoneOf course, intentionally or definitely not, they have experienced having their name removed from a photo or image.

Although the photo file is considered important.

But with the tips this time it will make users not panic.

because in smartphone xiaomi itself has overcome it and provides the easiest way to overcome it by taking advantage of the features Recovery.

How to View Deleted Photos on Xiaomi Phones

The main load is smartphone The user’s xiaomi has been signed in to a Mi cloud account or a Google account.

So, have you registered it?

If not, sorry, please close this site and find other reading sources.

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If so, continue reading with scroll down.

#1 Using My Cloud

When Mi Cloud is active and automatic synchronization will be applied to smartphone xiaomi

This will make all the photo files backed up to the Mi Cloud account with an internet connection.

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The photo files will be uploaded to the Mi Cloud account as long as the storage capacity is sufficient.

The steps to view the deleted images can be followed as follows:

  1. First, just open it. Arrangement on xiaomi phones
  2. After that, scroll down until you find system apps
  3. Next select Gallery
  4. In it select Trash can
  5. Then there will be many photos that have been entered. Trash
  6. Look and Photos of ticks and select Retrieve to see it again in the Gallery
  7. Done
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My Cloud Recovery

Please note that the features Recovery Mi Cloud is only valid for 30 days, and if more time passes, the image file will be permanently deleted.

#2 Use Google Photos Fitur

It is different if you use a Google service, the backup function has no limits.

Which means you can use it without fear of full storage notifications.

But the question is, have you activated it or not? If so, go directly to the following steps:

  1. The first step, open the application. google photo
  2. Select Manage your Google account
  3. After that select Data and personalization
  4. Scroll down until you find the icon Photo and select
  5. Then swipe down again and select Photo
  6. Then select open photos
  7. Some photos stored in Google Photos will appear
  8. Done

Google Photo Recovery

This Google Photos can be used if there is an internet connection and cannot be used when the data is offline.

the last word

Also, users should always enable the Mi Cloud or Google Photos backup feature.

Plus, also enable sync so that every new photo file goes straight to storage.

Or, if it’s safer, immediately move the selected images to a laptop or desktop.

Maybe that is what can be written about how to view deleted photos on a xiaomi cell phone, hopefully it will be useful.