How to withdraw money from Fiverr anywhere in the world

How to withdraw money from Fiverr anywhere in the world
How to withdraw money from Fiverr anywhere in the world

If you are interested in learning how to withdraw money from fiverrthis guide will show you how to do it.

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A Fiverr seller emailed me recently saying, ‘How can I easily withdraw my funds from Fiverr?’ I provided answers via email and then decided to help other sellers who are interested in withdrawing from Fiverr but don’t know how to do it.

There is this ecstatic feeling that comes with withdrawing your first winnings. It gives you that belief, confidence and hope for a better future in Freelancing.

After your first withdrawal, the enthusiasm to work harder and make more money on Fiverr becomes even stronger.

Before proceeding with this guide, you need to know if you are really qualified to withdraw from Fiverr.

When does Fiverr pay?

After you complete your job, there is a mandatory waiting period. This is a measure to avoid or resolve any type of dispute that may arise between buyers and sellers.

The waiting periods are:

  • Best sellers: 7 days
  • Any other level below the best seller: 14 days

Now, I’m sure you’re not a bestseller. If it was, then you must have already withdrawn over $500,000 from Fiverr.

Withdrawal methods

Fiverr allows up to four different withdrawal methodswhat includes:

  • Fiverr Earning Card: Using this method attracts a static $1 fee, regardless of your withdrawal amount, and funds will be received within 2 business days. If you are interested in receiving your funds within 2 hours, you have the option to choose this during withdrawal; but this time, you will attract a $3 fee regardless of your withdrawal amount. The minimum withdrawal amount with the Fiverr earning card is set at $5. If you have a Payoneer account, then your Payoneer debit card serves as your Fiverr earnings card.
  • PayPal: You will be charged a fee of 2% of the withdrawal amount up to $1. The minimum withdrawal amount with this method is set to $1.
  • Wire Transfer: Attracts a $3 fee regardless of the amount of your withdrawal. The minimum amount you can withdraw using this method is $20.
  • Direct Bank Deposit: This method is only available to Fiverr customers with US bank accounts; that can be obtained from Payoneer whether you stay in the US or not. It is the best and most recommended withdrawal method for people who live in countries not supported by PayPal. Using a direct bank deposit incurs a fee of just $1, regardless of the amount of your withdrawal; the minimum withdrawal amount for this method is set at $10.

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Those are the four methods you can use to withdraw money from Fiverr. Among them, my most recommended withdrawal method is “Direct Bank Deposit”. It can be done using a Payoneer bank account.

Payoneer is accessible worldwide and is a Fiverr partner company. So even if you don’t reside in the US, you can sign up with Payoneer today and get a US bank account.

Another good thing about using Payoneer is that you can enjoy a $25 bonus for the first $1,000 deposited into your bank account.

How to withdraw money from Fiverr using Payoneer

Method 1. Using Payoneer Direct Bank Deposit

If you do not have a Payoneer account, you must create one before proceeding with your direct bank deposit withdrawal. If you already have a Payoneer account, you can skip to step 2.

Step 1. Create a Payoneer account

Creating a Payoneer account is very easy. All you have to do is visit Payoneer using this link. You’ll be prompted to enter a lot of information, that shouldn’t be a problem. If you get stuck along the way, you can follow my Payoneer account creation guide to help you out.

Step 2. Login to your Fiverr account and then click Sell>>Earnings

Click Sales Then Profit

Step 3. Select Bank Transfer as your preferred withdrawal method

Withdrawal From Fiverr Via Bank Transfer

Step 4. Verify your phone number

Verify Phone Number On Fiverr

Since adding a withdrawal method is a very delicate process, you will be asked to enter a verification code. The verification code will be sent to the phone number you verified your Fiverr account with. Enter your verification code and click Submit Code.

Step 5 – Click the link in the confirmation email

Fiverr Bank Account Link Confirmation Email

Fiverr will send you an email asking you to confirm linking your account. Click the link to begin the account linking process. It is recommended that you use the same browser in which you logged in to your Payoneer account.

Step 6 – Sign in to Payoneer and confirm the Fiverr link

The link in the email will redirect you to the Payoneer website. Sign in to your Payoneer account and confirm that you really want to link your Fiverr account to your Payoneer account.

After linking your account, you will receive a confirmation email from Payoneer letting you know that Fiverr has been added as your payment source.

Message From Payoneer Confirming That Payoneer Was Successfully Linked To Fiverr

Once linked, you can return to the sales>>earnings page on Fiverr. You can then withdraw your money using the bank transfer method.

Method 2. Use Fiverr earning card

What is the Fiverr earning card? it’s like your regular debit card that can be used at any ATM service point around the world. As I said before, Payoneer and Fiverr are partners, so the Payoneer card serves as your Fiverr earning card.

After you create a Payoneer account, it may take a few days for your card to process.

Payoneer is free; however, you are required to have a minimum of $30 before your card will be processed. Your Payoneer debit card can serve many purposes, including as your Fiverr earnings card.

Note: You cannot link your Fiverr account to Payoneer using method 1 and method 2; it’s one or the other. So if you prefer to use your Payoneer card, follow the guide below.

Step 1 – Under Sales >> Earnings, click on the Fiverr earnings card

Click Fiverr Earning Card As Preferred Withdrawal Method

A popup will appear asking you to check your email for further instructions on how to add your Payoneer card, which works like the Fiverr earning card.

Step 2. Click the link in the email to confirm the Fiverr and Payoneer card link

Confirm Linking Fiverr And Payoneer Mastercard

By clicking this link, you will be redirected to the Payoneer website, where you will need to log in to complete the linking process.

Step 3. Confirm the Fiverr account link on the Payoneer website

If you already have a Payoneer prepaid card, on the right of the page, click the link provided to connect it to your Fiverr account.

You should also receive a confirmation message that your Payoneer card has been successfully linked to Fiverr.

After linking the account, you can always visit Fiverr and under Sales>>Earnings, click on the Fiverr earning card as your preferred withdrawal method.

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