Hypophrenia Mental Disorder, Here Are The Characteristics And How To Overcome It!

Hypophrenia Mental Disorder, Here Are The Characteristics And How To Overcome It!
Hypophrenia Mental Disorder, Here Are The Characteristics And How To Overcome It!

Many people relate hypophrenic mental disorder with bipolar, although the two are different. According to psychologist Rena Masri M.Psi, hypophrenia is a mental disorder condition that causes a person experiencing it to suddenly cry and become sad without even a clear reason.

If someone has hypophrenia, they will go through a phase where they suddenly become sad or cry. But not everyone who suddenly cries has hypophrenia. There are usually several features that are identified if a person has hypophrenia. Here we will give you an explanation!

1 Gangguan Mental Hypophrenia Begini Ciri Dan Cara Mengatasinya

A person experiencing the mental disorder of hypophrenia will generally experience the following characteristics:

  • Suddenly shedding tears even though you are not experiencing anything.
  • sudden change of mood
  • Changes in speech and behavior.

Suddenly falling tears in people with hypophrenia will usually cause the person experiencing it to take notice and wonder, “Why am I crying all of a sudden?” but the person usually doesn’t get an answer about why she is crying.

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People who experience hypophrenia will also often experience a sudden bad mood and even feel suddenly uncomfortable when someone talks to them. Therefore, don’t be surprised if people with hypophrenia become snappy when spoken to or often avoid and are alone.

So how to overcome this type of mental disorder?

Hypophrenia can be treated in the following ways:

Give him time to get to know himself.

People experiencing hypophrenia need time for themselves. Therefore, the people around him should give him time to calm down first, and then they can be talked to.

When a seizure occurs, if people immediately talk to you or ask why, the emotions of people experiencing hypophrenia will usually skyrocket and get out of control. Therefore, giving time is the best option when a sudden mood swing occurs.

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Invite to chat when quiet

If you feel comfortable, just invite him to chat or talk. However, when opening a chat, don’t appear to be yelling with too many questions because usually the person will feel intimidated and choose to remain silent.

Instead of asking her why she’s crying all of a sudden, it would be much better if you ask her how she’s feeling right now or if there’s something bothering her.

Do not make early diagnosis and consultation.

If you feel that the problems you are experiencing are prolonged or fluctuating conditions due to sudden crying and then calming down and then crying again, then all you have to do is consult a psychologist.

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That way you can learn the cause of hypophrenia and the proper treatment steps to overcome it. Psychologists will also usually provide solutions, therapies, and various alternatives that can help calm hypophrenia patients.

Avoid self-diagnosis because it could be that someone who is indoctrinated with hypophrenia is not actually experiencing hypophrenia but just has a problem and is having a hard time telling what the problem is.

Therefore, communication becomes very important when there are emotional swings, mood swings, and mood swings in someone around us. If communication has indeed been attempted but the problem is not resolved, consulting an expert may be the right step to take.