Hyundai Stargazer interior leaks, similar to Wuling Confero! – Moladin

Hyundai Stargazer interior leaks, similar to Wuling Confero!  – Moladin
Hyundai Stargazer interior leaks, similar to Wuling Confero! – Moladin

Leaks from the interior of the Hyundai Stargazer have spread on social networks. We obtained the information through the Instagram account @hyundaimotorindonesia and the official launch was on Friday (6/24/2022).

Previously, Instagram @indra_fathan also reported similar information citing a video from the @djsyamsoe account. The video was uploaded on June 19, 2022. It is also claimed that the show is similar to Hyundai’s official announcement for Soekarno-Hatta Airport.

From the various information above, it’s clear that the interior of the Stargazer is quite different from that of the Toyota Avanza and Mitsubishi Xpander rivals. This Hyundai LMPV adopts the captain’s seat in the middle row, there is also an armrest for each passenger.

It is clear that the bench configuration is three rows. The planned seat is 2+2+2. The effect is that it can only accommodate 6 people or less than rivals, not 7 people.

Nevertheless, It is not yet known if the Hyundai Stargazer will also adopt a 7-seater configuration? It could be that the captain’s seat is just an option for consumers. So if anyone wants to choose a standard seat or no captain’s seat, they can do that too, only at Wuling Confero.

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Also, what’s interesting about the Hyundai Stargazer’s leaked interior is the use of a dashboard similar to that of the Kia Carnival. It’s not clear what the exact size is, but it looks like there’s a big screen in there. Then the manufacturer with the oblique H logo also provides a large TFT instrument panel behind the steering wheel.

Not only the interior features of the Stargazer, there is also a Bluelink function in the Hyundai Creta. If true, then this LMPV will be the most sophisticated of its kind.

Advantages of Captain Seat in Hyundai Stargazer

Hyundai Stargazer 002 Interior Leaks - Captain's Seat
Stargazer features that are different from competitors are Captain Seat, Bluelink, to the large screen in dash

The leaked interior of the Hyundai Stargazer that is circulating, proves that this LMPV is different from its competitors. The use of the captain’s seat is really a privilege, because it is still very little used.

Toyota Avanza, Toyota Veloz, Mitsubishi Xpander, Suzuki Ertiga and Daihatsu Xenia also don’t have captain’s seats. In Indonesia, the only LMPV that applies it is Wuling Confero.

What are the advantages of an interior with a captain’s seat? Speaking of shortcomings, it is clear that too many people do not fit in the cabin. A three-row cabin without a captain’s seat, by default can accommodate 7 people. With only 6 captain’s chairs, because the center seat of the second row is missing.

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However, the captain’s seat actually has its own specialties. For example, second-row passengers are more comfortable because they get a personal seat.

In addition to the leaked interior of the Hyundai Stargazer that came to us, there are several add-ons to increase the comfort of passengers sitting in the captain’s seat. “Some of them are like small tray, coasters, additional pockets, picnic tableand others,” Hyundai’s official statement explained.

On the exterior, the most iconic part is actually seen in the use of horizontal DRLs and distinctive H taillights that complete the front and rear appearance of the vehicle. Usually, in terms of size, captain’s seats are also larger than regular seats. In addition, the presence of palm rests on each seat makes sitting there even more comfortable.

Apart from the leaked interior of the Hyundai Stargazer, another thing that is also obvious is the exterior. This LMPV with the slanted H logo has a special appearance, different from its rivals.

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“Hyundai Stargazer is specially designed as a new benchmark in its class and becomes an iconic product that is exclusive to Hyundai, which is innovative and futuristic. As a customer-centric brand, we are pleased that this product can be built based on customer feedback and can respond to the needs of the active and dynamic Indonesian community. We hope the Hyundai Stargazer will get a very positive response in Indonesia,” said Woojune Cha, President Director of PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID).

The hallmark of the exterior is at the front via the horizontal DRLs, just like the Hyundai Staria. Then, at the rear, this LMPV is also decked out with a Distinctive H taillamp that emphasizes that the Stargazer is a Hyundai product, even though seen from a distance.

Furthermore, the symmetrical H lamp symbolizes the balance, unity and harmony that connects Indonesia from East to West. The design showcases Hyundai’s innovation in combining technology and emotional values.

That’s the review on the leaked interior of the Hyundai Stargazer. Keep checking for the latest automotive news updates.