I don’t want to be asked to transfer! Beware of the Baim Wong Gift Scam!

I don’t want to be asked to transfer!  Beware of the Baim Wong Gift Scam!
I don’t want to be asked to transfer! Beware of the Baim Wong Gift Scam!

Baim Wong Gift Scam – Hello Teknoadvisor friends! Who doesn’t like free gifts Maybe that person doesn’t like free gifts. It is said that this giveaway is a way to earn money in a very easy way.

Giveaway is a way to promote something. For example, enter a giveaway by following an account and then the winner will be announced if certain conditions are met. One of the conditions of monitoring an account is for a promotion carried out by certain people.

The terms of the giveaway are usually not only following accounts, but also subscribing to the YouTube channel, spamming a tagged account, and republishing the giveaway post. Another giveaway requirement is usually to mention as many friends as possible.

Well, these methods and conditions are a form of promotion carried out by giving prizes in exchange where the winner is usually chosen randomly or at random as long as he has followed the conditions he set.

So who doesn’t know the great artist Baim Wong? He and his wife often share gifts on their YouTube channel and on social media. Because it is usually a lot of people who act on behalf of Baim Wong with fake gifts. Baim Wong was once mentioned as an artist who ripped off Baim Wong’s gift.

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In fact, it was certain people who said that the name Baim Wong was the one who carried out the fraud. Well, we will give you the characteristics of people who commit fraud and give away Baim Wong.

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Baim Wong Gift Scam

Baim Wong Gives Away Scam
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In recent years, many artists have held raffles, one of which is Baim Wong. When was Baim Wong dragged into a case on his behalf for committing a Baim Wong giveaway scam that dragged multiple victims?

Even though Baim Wong has never cheated let alone lied to his fans who have been loyal to the draw.

You said he never cheated, especially when he asked for a transfer before the prize was awarded. If you observe the procedure to give the prize, it is wrong, so we will provide useful tips and tricks to avoid Baim Wong giveaway scam.

The characteristics of the scam give Baim Wong away

There are several features that you need to understand: how the perpetrator carried out his deed by posing as Baim Wong to catch the victim.

  1. There is a fake account or an unknown number in the name of Baim Wong
  2. Request a money transfer first before giving a gift
  3. Many of the conditions listed are not found in the actual conditions of the Baim Wong draw.
  4. The slow process of sending gifts
  5. When asked about the truth, speak up saying things that don’t make sense.

Tips to avoid gift scams

There are several ways to avoid gift scams if you receive messages or calls from unknown numbers or fake accounts.

  1. Never trust messages sent by fake accounts or unknown numbers
  2. Do not directly transfer the money requested by the scammer
  3. Make sure of the facts and the truth first
  4. Learn more about the account or number in the name of Baim Wong
  5. If you’re lured into a big win by meeting certain conditions, like providing an ATM PIN number, don’t.
  6. Be careful when receiving fake messages from fake accounts or fake numbers

Remember! Don’t just transfer

Regarding the cases of many frauds that exist in the name of Baim Wong under the guise of a sweepstakes, you who participate in the sweepstakes or not have to be careful because these twisted-brained people have many ways to get what they want. .

Such scammers will definitely ask you to transfer money first or provide your ATM PIN number. Therefore, never transfer directly even if you are attracted by a 100 million grand prize or even a house.

First, make sure you’re correct by looking at the information obtained, from the number or account you contacted to the suspicious characteristics or behavior of the fraudster.

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the last word

That’s information about the Baim Wong gift scam. Certainly, the fraud was not carried out by Baim Wong, but by bad people only for personal gain.

Don’t let yourself become the next victim of this Baim Wong gift scam because you will experience a lot of loss, especially if you only think about the money they claim.

Don’t forget to provide constructive feedback and solutions so that we can continue to improve this article on TeknoAdvisor and provide informative information for all of you.

Thanks, hope it helps!