“I know where Afwa’s snout came from. There’s no denying it haha.” – Netizen

“I know where Afwa’s snout came from. There’s no denying it haha.” – Netizen
“I know where Afwa’s snout came from. There’s no denying it haha.” – Netizen

Video of Dato ‘Seri Siti Nurhaliza’s spontaneous facial mimicry as her son Muhammad Afwa. Eii Sebijik Sama Lah Masa Buat Mulut Muncung Tu. Afwa’s video with Uncle Aqo Imran is also cute. I took another look before sitting down, hehe!!

The beloved singer, Dato ‘Seri Siti Nurhaliza is now a mother of 2 children. Siti Aafiyah and Muhammad Afwa became the heart of Dato ‘Siti and her husband, Dato’ Seri Khalid Jiwa.

Often said by fans, Aafiyah’s face is like Dato ‘Khalid. Meanwhile, Afwa inherited the face of Dato ‘Siti. Not least upside down and each has a different side of sight. Looking at babyctdk’s Instagram account, a short video was shared showing Dato’ Siti’s facial reaction that was accidentally recorded at an event.

Dato ‘Siti, who was wearing a black striped shirt and bright hijab, looked cute even though her face was mony0k. Looking at that nose and mouth, like looking at Afwa. The same style of muzzle, gaze and wink are also similar to this child and mother.

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Afwa Ayah 5

Alahai this really just see Afwa copy paste his mother. It is rare to see Dato ‘Siti’s face like this because her smile always blooms on the faces of Aafiyah and Afwa’s mother. Where is the sauce if it’s not for the rice, it’s not haha.

Let’s see the video below:

Meanwhile, a video of Afwa’s behavior during the meeting photographer famous, Aqo Imran also caught the attention of netizens. For the record, Afwa is really close and friendly with Aqo and this can be seen in the video that Aqo often shares on her Instagram.

Let’s see the video below:

To date, this association has garnered nearly 4,000 views since it was uploaded. Among the comments from fans:

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“Afwa haha, I know where Afwa’s snout came from. Its authenticity cannot be denied..”

“Afwa hehe Afwa is really copy and paste her mother’s face a lot. The snout of her mouth, only a small mouth afwa is different.. “

“Mentang2 got a leg, not until 5 when he sat down.. Eee omey angattt lahhh afwa ni. Pipi tuuuuu halahhhhh..”

“Ololo is so cute the afwa.. She is friendly.. nun at the end of her mother’s green shirt leaves.. SubhanaAllah bamb4m her cheeks.. ger4m look..”

“There’s chemistry there… hehe… Afwa, sit down jap ye bang… He looks at what’s important…”

“Alaaaaa angry, we look at this Afwa.. Pipiiii can’t bring me to talk for a long time. Ger4m.. Veniiiiii..”

Afwa would like to make faces and mouths, apparently following her mother. It’s nice to see the adult version of Afwa when you see Dato ‘Siti. Afwa is also improving day by day. chubbyvisible again pretty mother’s red cheeks.

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Afwa Tokti 3

In any case, may Dato ‘Siti always be happy, content and calm with her children and beloved husband. He was blessed with good health, abundant sustenance and his two sons became pious and pious sons.

Afwa Tokti 4

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