I won’t always be my daughter’s best friend, but she will be mine.

I won’t always be my daughter’s best friend, but she will be mine.
I won’t always be my daughter’s best friend, but she will be mine.

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During these precious and fleeting years of her life, I am my daughter’s best friend.

The one that makes your eyes light up. Who do you turn to for everything?

But I know it won’t last much longer.

It’s who you’ll ask to play Barbies. That’s who she’ll invite to her tea parties. That is the one she will wear the other half of her heart, hanging on a sweet silver chain. That’s the person she’ll want to hold hands with outside as they launch off into adventure.

Over the years, your best friends will be the ones you turn to in the most difficult times. They will listen to her, cry with her, and laugh at the inside jokes and memories they share together.

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His best friends will be there as he raves about his crushes. They’ll lie on her bedroom floor, feet in the air, scribbling names, looking at phones, belting out the latest music. . . of bands that I will not know. They’ll pick her up from practice, sit next to her in the stadium on Friday nights, and line up with her onstage.

They will be the ones who know her best. They will almost be everything to her.

And I’ll have to take the back seat.

That’s how it’s supposed to be, and I love that for my daughter.

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So I’ll be here, waiting. And maybe, just maybe, if I’m lucky. . . she will turn to smile at his mom. We will share our stories with each other. We’ll dust off our mics and play the songs we thought were long forgotten.

We will meet again. And she will be more than my best friend.

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Let’s be realistic . . .

Why would I wear a heart on a chain?

My heart is here by my side.

And when I let her go

She will fly.

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