“If it’s like this cute style, it’s for the highest rating haha..” – Netizen

“If it’s like this cute style, it’s for the highest rating haha..” – Netizen
“If it’s like this cute style, it’s for the highest rating haha..” – Netizen

Betty Rahmad shares the video of her son, Ardy Wira acting as a ‘delivery boy’ to entertain many. Amboi Comelnya Wira, Kemain Lagi Naik Vespa. Sunglasses ready to wear haha!!

For those who follow the development of Betty Rahmad on the account Instagram, surely you know that Betty often shares the development of her son Ardy Wira. Already at 3 years old, this little guy looks so fluent when speaking and just his cute behavior makes many people who see him have fun.

Wira also often receives praise from netizens because Wira is a smart girl. Recently, Betty uploaded a video about Wira’s behavior. In the video, Wira acts as a food delivery man.

Cute in a food delivery uniform, it looks like Wira riding a toy scooter is delivering food ordered by customers. Arriving home, Wira opened the bag and gave some packages to his babysitter, Kak Teha, who plays the character as a customer.

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The shared video has caught the attention of netizens. Many ger4m saw the Hero style in the video. To date, the video of Wira acting as a food delivery man has received more than 29,000 likes and hundreds of comments since he was uploaded to Instagram.

Let’s see the video below:

In the comments section, the artist’s friends and fans were very amused when they saw Wira’s performance and praised her cuteness. Among the comments are:

“Please deliver the sambal to my house, please. I’ll give 5 stars, I promise…” – Mimi Lana

“Very cute..” – Yaya Zahir

“Too cute…” – Hunny Madu

“Adoii, this kind of cute style, it is true for the fee, especially for the stars, for tips that are more expensive than the price of goods…”

“MasyaAllah has a cute Wira, ger4m look at him lol. This old man is really smart, he is good at talking and playing..”

“Speaking of white people oooo this delivery guy Wira2 made my aunt smile. If so, he is a delivery man, my aunt will eat two days…”

“Comey’s ready to drop a little for that salute hahaha. Ready with black eyed spec clothes again look ger4m..”

“This is a delivery guy, 10-star chick and big tips, can’t say much. Cuteness overload, you know?

“Si Wira laaa rider FP kt area kL, i gerentiii tipss is much more than a day’s salary hahaha ..”

“If it’s too late, that’s fine, because it’s really cute to watch. This Wira is good at acting, hehe..”

Alahai, Wira is very cute delivery boy, well acting like your Hero now. Many should be amused to see Wira’s behavior. Anyway, may Wira continue to be a good son to his parents, Insyaallah.

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