If Netflix cuts the tap on shared accounts, more than half of Spain would be affected

If Netflix cuts the tap on shared accounts, more than half of Spain would be affected
If Netflix cuts the tap on shared accounts, more than half of Spain would be affected

A study on the sharing of accounts on the streaming platform carried out by Time2play reveals that the measure would have a great impact in our country.

In Spain we love Netflix. We devoured the last season of their successful series like Stranger Things or Ozark. We don’t waste time watching releases like Claw or The Adam Project. Fascinating stories like the Our Father hook us. But we have a flaw: we also really like to share the account. According to a study compiled by Time2play, 54% of Spaniards surveyed use someone else’s Netflix account. And what it is but still, very few intend to pay for it.

The study was carried out through a survey with the participation of 1,056 Spaniards. From all those respondents, we get the following data: on average, Spaniards share their account with 2.9 people; the 84% are not willing to pay your own account; and there is no agreement to share other streaming accounts, since 70% do not ask to share profile.

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A study of shared Netflix accounts by Time2play.

All communities participated, except La Rioja, Ceuta and Melilla, which were excluded due to lack of data. Thanks to this, we discovered that those who would suffer the most from Netflix’s measures would be the citizens of Navarra -they share 75% of those surveyed-, followed by Asturias (67%) and Catalonia (59%). Those who would notice it the least would be Arag√≥n (43%), Cantabria (43%) and the Balearic Islands (42%).


The map of ‘The Spain of shared streaming’ made by Time2play.

It is a fact to take into account now that the company has become serious with its plan to avoid this practice. In the service’s terms of use they make it very clear: “The Netflix service and all content viewed through the service is for your personal, non-commercial use and may not be shared with anyone outside of your household.” Although the choice of profiles was not born with that intention, subscribers use it to divide the cost of the subscription practically from the beginning. For this reason, Netflix has spent years trying to solve this problem that has a direct impact on its annual profit but is not easy to make disappear.

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Netflix suffers its biggest crisis since 2011 and takes action: the arrival of ads and goodbye to shared accounts

Among the measures that are being considered, that of having to pay a little more for each guest that we want to have in our account gains strength.. It is simple. Whoever legally pays for Netflix has the right to invite other people to benefit from the service, but all those subaccounts that hang from the main one will have to pay an amount. It is not yet known if they will opt for this solution, but it is something that they have tried in Latin American countries and, a priori, it seems that it is the most progressive way to gain subscribers.

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Action is urgent. According to data shared by the company itself in April 2022, in the first four months of the year it lost 200,000 subscribers and expected the figure to increase throughout the rest of the year. The competition that does not stop growing, external factors such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine and, of course, shared accounts are some of the reasons that would explain the fall.

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