Illegal Binomo and how to avoid stupid investments that drain your money

Illegal Binomo and how to avoid stupid investments that drain your money
Illegal Binomo and how to avoid stupid investments that drain your money Binomo and OctaFX are illegal trading sites, following the recent Commodity Futures Regulatory Agency (CoFTRA) blockade of commodity trading websites.

In addition to Binomo and OctaFX, CoFTRA also blocked 82 other illegal investment sites. Despite being repeatedly blocked, the illegal investment phenomenon, including Binomo, has multiplied and is still taking its toll.

ZIPMEX Indonesia co-founder Raymond Sutanto said, the above two sites run binary options trading modes that are considered dangerous to the public.

“Binary options trading will make the negative sentiment for crypto assets even stronger. Because people are not educated to invest responsibly. Although what is really needed today is mature knowledge and fundamentals before you start investing,” Raymond was quoted as saying in an official statement on Friday, August 27, 2021.

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Binary Trading Definition Trading is a form of online trading instrument that is done by asking the trader to make predictions or guess the price of an asset. Traders will be asked to guess whether the price of a particular asset will go up or down over a certain period of time. If the trader can guess correctly, the trader will benefit. On the contrary, if the trader makes a mistake, he will lose the capital used.

Apart from binary options, there are at least three other modes commonly used by fraudulent investments according to ZIPMEX Indonesia:

ponzi scheme

This scheme is one of the most rampant in the financial world. Not only in the cryptocurrency industry, but also in other types of investments, including fiat currencies. In general, this modality is carried out in the form of an investment package.

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This modality provides investors with benefits from the deposit of the next successful investor to be recruited, not profits or profits for the business. When no new investors come in, you will lose profits. Your funds will also be lost if the promoter suddenly disappears.

Robot trading.

There are several fraudulent investment platforms that offer trading robot software. It is claimed that the robot can help investors make profits without risk.

Users also do not need fundamental and technical analysis. Although to invest, investors not only need capital, but also insight and knowledge, both fundamentally and technically. Thus, when investing, investors and traders can make responsible decisions.Phishing.

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Identity fraud

It usually happens when someone lands on a certain replica page whose site is intentionally made to look like the original. Entering the page, unknowingly, all important information is collected confidentially by irresponsible people.

Usually, the victim will receive a phishing email in his personal account. To reassure a potential victim, the email will use the name of the organization, company, friend, colleague, or family member with whom the prospective victim has a relationship or relationship.

To avoid this, Raymond advises, be careful and watch out for suspicious emails.