Influences and changes in which fields occurred when Islam entered Indonesia » NewsMixed

Influences and changes in which fields occurred when Islam entered Indonesia » NewsMixed
Influences and changes in which fields occurred when Islam entered Indonesia » NewsMixed
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Although the period The Islamic kingdom married the archipelago Do not worry, although it is an infinitely precious fruit that remains if you feel sorry for this. In fact, Indonesia is currently becoming the ruling party with the largest Muslim population with a natural partner. Besides having an effect on the typical beliefs of the Archipelago of that period, the presence of Islam certainly attracts other elements. listen come on The fruit of Islam is equaled for life in this period of time!

economic life

The cakpasti squad must have remained silent when Islamic depotism was also rampant. ‘own self? It turns out that inter-island and inter-country have a basic participation, such as allowing the inter-island ethnic population to have a diffusion of customs between regions.

In addition to the fair of two early marriages, the endorsement that was used to hold the live sales event there is used, you know. Prominent locations are only used to build Tactical Badgers for sale. Did you mention the place of the thimble?


Batam Island (Riau) is still Bangka and Belitung has created a series of events that have tactical badger locations that coincide with the Straits of Malacca. (Source:


The Malay language makes those who germinate and have children coincidentally adopt the spread of Islam, being bestel and married to Nusantara. The Malay language is like an intermediary between the tribes of children until it is mentioned lingua franca.

The Malays spread to the public around the archipelago to use quickly even in the 15th time. The daily activities of the Malay children inform more and more about the Malay customs in various parts of the archipelago.


Wrong handwriting scenario with Bald Arabic and Old Malay phoneme. you if I am No? (Source:

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Archipelago paired scientific network

During the pairing period, Samudra Pasai Lei did a study on Islam with a pairing for the archipelago and announced that Islam was pairing in the neighborhood of Malacca. This Islamic education system was adapted so that schools for this purpose were like huts and maktabs.

Pesantren%20Al Kahfi%20Somalangu%20Merupakan%20Pesantren%20Pertama%20Di%20Asia%20Tenggara

Al-Kahfi Somalangu Islamic boarding school built the last lodge with a match from Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, this cabin was not established, so it was Indonesian men. (Source:

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Acculturation of Islamic Culture using the Archipelago

When the last sea arrived, Islam was not, if it was implanted, it was like the typical archipelago, to be used to live Hindu-Buddhism or live accepted animism, dynamism, etc. To say that it will be implemented, Islam when sambur limbur uses the authentic customs of the archipelago. The acculturation of customs tells you to also see:

1. Mosques and Towers

In various cities under Islamic depotism, you have speculated that elements of Islamic customs are pre-Islamic. Great Demak Mosque, yes. the roof is like this meru (Mound call) clean, the sooner the less. Then the couple realized that the tower of the mosque was there. head. The pre-Islamic unit is also a tower like the Holy Mosque. The tower of the Holy Mosque is similar to the temple in East Java.


Mustaka coincided with the Dome of the Great Mosque of Yogyakarta (Source:

2. Tombs

Most of the buried tombs are familiar with bandarsah adi. Like Demak, with the rib of the Great Mosque of Demak, dodge, with Samudra Pasai, with Aceh, with Kandang XII, and Gowa, with Tamalate.

3. Size Senior

In the Islamic period, children gave birth to the arts of calligraphy. This is because there are children and grandchildren for the sake of an unstable flow that does not seem to describe a soul or an animal. Until then, you just have to realize that calligraphy is a match for sand.

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4. Script and Literature

The Arabic-Malay script is also known as Nusantara Islam depotism period and is used in certificates, calligraphy and library creations. Persian influence (supermarkets anchored from there) as well as experts in the field of literature such as a chapter essay. Amir Hamzah |, bayan budimanday Story of 1001 Nights. The four narrow types of literature of the Islamic period are:

a. Hikayat is a creation of Malay literature with powerful fictional features, biographical compositions, regulations, and behavioral plots. For example: Hikayat Raja-raja Pasai Y Hikayat Iskandar Zulkarnain.

b. Babad is creating a library of descriptions of Javanese, Sundanese, Balinese, Sasak and Madurese traditions that are effective in remembering by wearing historical bandages. For example: Babad Tana Khawi Y Babad Cirebon.

C. Suluk are books about suluk. For example: Suluk Sukarsa Y Suluk Wujil.

d. Poems are poems that consist of the beginning of four lines in the stanza. For example: singing is also a Pasai girl married to Minye Tujoh.

5. Calendar

Squad free to hear party 1 Sura with a match in Yogyakarta? That is the beginning of the fruit of Islam that remains if you follow it at this time. The acculturation of customs and traditions is also an important festival for generations since the merger of the Saka calendar with the Islamic calendar, which was separated from the Javanese calendar.

In the Saka Calendar, there is one call per year. laws, pahing, put, Salaryday Kliwon. While in the Islamic Calendar, there is an almanac call muharraam, Shafar, Rabiul Awal, Rajab, Shakban, Ramadanday syawal. Also, the names of the days are ahadIsnen, Tsulatsa, arbaa, Jomis, Fridayday Saturday.

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The combination of the two gave rise to a Javanese calendar that contains a so-called almanac. Sura, safar, moult, Rajab, Ruwah, Happensday saw. Also, the names of the days do as Legi, Pahing, Pon, Salary, Y Kliwon.


Soon the One Suro Night celebration was held to separate it from the almanac of Muharram. (Source:

That Squad, the fruit of Islam is equaled for life in this period of time which of course remains if you feel it. Do you think that if you scream No Is the fruit of Islam matched for life in this time period? Share your answers match the assessment essay, Let’s go! This material is a bit if you look at the duration of the pairing of animated videos. NewsMixed.combelajar.

Pengaruh Dan Perubahan Dalam Bidang Apa Sajakah Yang Terjadi Ketika Islam Masuk Ke Indonesia

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