Instagram Plus Apk Official Link Latest Download 2021

Instagram Plus Apk Official Link Latest Download 2021
Instagram Plus Apk Official Link Latest Download 2021

Hearing the name Instagram mod, maybe this app is not as popular as WA mod. Although this app has additional features that will be very useful for those of you who use IG frequently. One of the IG mods that is quite popular is Instagram Plus.

True to its name, this app allows you to use cool additional features. This app is a solution for those who are lazy to install additional apps. Especially for downloading video posts on Instagram.

Latest Instagram Plus Reviews


The popularity of Instagram social networks is undeniable. IG users are increasing day by day. This is evidenced by the number of downloads on the Google Playstore page, which has reached more than a billion.

Not only used personally, Instagram has become a very capable digital marketing medium. No wonder more and more people are using it for their business. Basically, the official Instagram itself is equipped with various interesting features.

Unfortunately, its use is still limited by certain things. For example, you cannot see profile photos, you cannot download posts, and much more. although these features will be very useful for those who do not want to download many additional applications.

Instagram Plus itself is one of the Instagram mods that many users have ogled. Basically this apk file has been modified in such a way by creative hands. Therefore, the additional features it contains are quite complete.

One of the advantages of this app is that users can easily download photo and video posts. This can be done without using many apps. These great features are perfect for those who want to collect posts that they find interesting.

Thus, later you can upload it to other social networks. For example, it is used as a status for WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

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Instagram Plus Featured Features

Compared with the official app, Instagram Plus has many advantages that can be felt. For those who like to use IG, the features it contains will be very useful. So what features does this app offer?

1. Photo Post Download


Instagram has a lot of interesting photos that can be downloaded through this app. Previously, maybe I took screenshots more often. This app provides the option to save to gallery to make the image quality even better.

2. Download IG videos


One of the fun things you can do on Instagram is watch short videos. You can even spend a lot of time doing this. This application allows users to easily save their favorite videos.

Therefore, users do not need to download third-party applications that can be found on the Google Playstore. Therefore, this application will be very useful for those whose storage memory on their smartphone is limited.

3. IG Stories Download


In addition to posting photos and videos, Instagram is also popular with the story feature. This feature allows you to capture a specific moment and display it for 24 hours. Well, there may be times when users want to download other people’s stories.

This app provides IG story download feature which can be used easily. Simply tap on the story and select only the download option. After that, the IG story is stored directly in the smartphone gallery.

4. Followers Indicator


Another no less interesting feature is the follower indicator. This feature allows you to discover the next and following activities on your Instagram account. This feature will be very useful for those who have an online business on IG.

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5. Zoom in on images


Sometimes you need the zoom feature when scrolling through image posts on IG. This feature will make it easier for users when they want to see better details of the image. That way you don’t have to save the image to the gallery just to zoom in and out.

6. Profile Pictures Zoom In


The profile picture on Instagram is just a little avatar. Therefore, users cannot see the full profile picture used. Don’t worry, you can use this app to see your profile picture more clearly.

The above features are the reason why many people are interested in this app. Although not as complete as other modded IG apps, this app is considered to be more stable. Its use is quite easy and does not require a rooted Android.

How is the security level of Instagram Plus?


Using a secure modding app is a must. Therefore, you must download it from a reliable website. Make sure the downloaded apk file is the latest version.

Basically, this app has an official website, namely By downloading on the official site, you can get the latest and most stable version. It has also been claimed that this Instagram mod is 99% safe from being banned.

Download Latest Instagram Plus 2021


After knowing the advantages of this app, you must try it on your Android phone. Users will get a more different experience when scrolling through the modified app. Don’t worry, the interface of this app is not much different from the official version.

Therefore, it does not take much time to adapt to this application. The download links that can be used are as follows.

Name instagram plus apk
Version V10.14.0
operating system Android 4.0 above
Size 25MB
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Download Instagram Plus APK

Please note that Instagram Plus above is a non-clone version. This means that you cannot install it together with the original Instagram from Playstore. So please uninstall original IG app first before using this app.

Instagram Plus App Installation Steps

The installation process of this application is not difficult, you only need a few steps. The method in question is as follows.

  • Download the Instagram Plus app via the link provided above.
  • Go to menu Arrangement on your phone, then click Security.
  • After that, activate or check the option unknown source. That is, the user gives permission to install applications that come from outside the Playstore.


  • Install the apk file that has been obtained from the above link.


  • After that, sign in with your Instagram account.

How to save gallery posts via Instagram

As is well known, this app allows users to download photos and videos. However, you must first give permission to access the storage. The steps are the following.

  • Open the menu Adjustment on your phone, then click Application Manager.
  • All installed apps will be displayed, then select Instagram Plus.
  • Click on the option Permission then enable storage permission.


  • Then open the app. Instagram More on smartphones.
  • Tap the three-dot icon at the top of the post you want to download.
  • Choose an option
  • Done, the photo or video post will automatically be in your phone’s gallery.

In fact, Instagram Plus may be the best option for downloading posts. For those who often feel the hassle of downloading a third app, just install this app. Therefore, the storage space will be saved more.

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