Iofa tells why4 asks for a little more time to share the child’s face – Viral Diary Media

Iofa tells why4 asks for a little more time to share the child’s face – Viral Diary Media
Iofa tells why4 asks for a little more time to share the child’s face – Viral Diary Media
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Famous celebrity Noor Neelofa admits that she will share her debut face, Mohammad Bilal, with the public when the time is right, even though there are a handful of netizens making an isv ‘ain b4han joke in sosi4l media.

According to Neelofa, 33, she wants the best for the first jewel born from sharing her life with the independent preacher Haris Ismail or PU Riz.

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Previously, the former show host MeleT0P admitted to being careful and not ready to share Bilal’s full face to avoid peny4kit ‘ain (ganggvan caused by views).

“If someone is joking about it, it is actually as if he is joking about the existence of ‘ain lah. It’s not that they’re actually making fun of me.

authentic hadith already exists. I’m not very knowledgeable about this, but it may still be beyond fate.

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“I did this (I haven’t shared the child’s face yet) no matter where the person is, we think about the health and well-being of the child. Wait until he is a little big. It’s not that you want to hide or that you don’t want people to see, no.

“If possible, I want him to grow up like other normal children. Give him time to get a little stronger, then we take him out and so on,” he said.

Although there are those who mengenc4m, the stance, however, also received a good reaction from many parties, including famous friends.

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“It’s like Elly Mazlein herself once shared. She sees her son happier and happier when people at school don’t know whose son he is.

“This is for the mental health of children. Maybe if you go somewhere, join the crowd or take a photo later. Pity on them too,” she said when she met at the Disney X Naelofar Alice In Wonderland event at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya, on Thursday.

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Neelofa married preacher PU Riz on March 27, 2021, and their first child, Muhammad Bilal, was born on January 29.

Source: HM

Although Muhammad Bilal was born more than 3 months ago, the true face of celebrity Neelofa and PU Riz’s son has yet to be revealed.

This is not to be overly reserved, but it is a precautionary measure to avoid further sights that can harm a young baby.

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Alhamdulillah Bilal likes to smile… People who come home continue to fall in love with her sweet smile (3:00 minutes).

Through an exclusive conversation with the previous ‘Nona’ program, the popular host had the opportunity to reveal some of Bilal’s characteristics.

Although he is still young, it seems that his eldest son is the type who is not nice to people and even likes to smile whenever a guest comes to visit.

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Bilal is very white… Whiter than me and Harris… I don’t know where his white came from (minute 8:15).

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Regarding the call to Bilala, PU Riz himself suggested that they call him by his real name only. However, as a mother, Lofa likes to give cute nicknames like ‘Meatball’, ‘Little’ Pau or ‘Little Snowman’ since Bilal has very white skin.

When I hear something like this, I feel like I want to watch BiIaI… Neelofa is also of white descent.

Listening to the clues given by Lofa, netizens were excited to see Bilal’s true face.

But considering that these two artists have equally good looks, it’s no wonder that their children also have cute faces.

Source: pnews

Iofa shared her husband’s gift after returning from Friday prayers, Netlzen’s comment made her heart ‘My husband likes to buy guntlng chicken’

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Husbands who are romantic with their wives will be rewarded. Being courteous to a wife is one of the mandatory things for a husband to ensure lasting harmony.

That is also what is practiced in the home of the celebrity couple Neelofa and Haris Ismail to maintain happiness.

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Recently, through the TlkTok account, Neelofa expressed her shock when last Friday she received a bracelet from the luxury brand of Haris o PU Riz.

According to the former host of MeleT0P, this is not the first time that her beloved husband has surprised her and she is very grateful for God’s blessings.

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Today’s story, the husband returned from Friday prayers bringing a gift. Surprised, touched, happy, grateful and all good feelings alhamdulillah.

In fact, this is not the first time that pak ustaz buys and brings a surprise. Lofa likes to watch videos when the husband gives his wife a present. Pray for the blessings of our home. Fun to read the comments.

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“My husband is the same as Mr. Ustad, same gender. is not the same as bringing the gift”
“My husband still can’t afford an expensive gift, but he went back to work. He said the gift was for him to do all the housework so I could rest.”

“Husband, sister, pulak, black, Friday prayers, buy coconut water, water for jekadang? fried bananas or chopped bananas”
“Praise God. A very beautiful gift to have a husband who loves his wife with sincerity and transparency..”

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“My man comes home on Friday with boi sour ice
I’m just happy “
“Sempoinya lofa diligent response comment…”
“Man, I’m back from Friday prayers, I must bring bananas… that’s a pound of alms”

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