iPhone Face ID broken, causes and how to fix it

iPhone Face ID broken, causes and how to fix it
iPhone Face ID broken, causes and how to fix it

In various types of iPhone, such as iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and Pro Max, the Face ID feature is used as a facial scanner of the user as a form of security. Unfortunately, some users are still experiencing issues like iPhone broken face ID.

You don’t need to panic, though, because damage to that part isn’t fatal damage that can’t be overcome. Here are some ways to get iPhone Face ID to work as usual again.

Causes of Broken iPhone Face ID

The Cause Of Broken Iphone Face Id

As explained above, iPhone Face ID is an important component in the iPhone security system. Although it is not the only security system, if the iPhone Face ID is damaged, it is certainly very annoying if left too long.

Well, here you will be guided to be able to fix damaged iPhone Face ID. But before that, let’s find out the cause of iPhone’s face ID often getting damaged first. Here is the explanation.

Layar sensor error

The first cause of iPhone Face ID damage is faulty sensor service. The iPhone device will not be able to read the user’s face if the iPhone’s Face ID is corrupted.

There are several reasons why the sensor screen is damaged, including when the iPhone device has been immersed in water for a long time or the iPhone face ID sensor is exposed to small objects. But let’s go back again, that the damage to the iPhone depends on each use.

Component replacement

The second cause of iPhone Face ID damage is due to a component of the iPhone device that has been replaced, for example, the screen. In some cases, iPhone users will have to replace the screen if it is cracked. Well, this change can supposedly cause Face ID to be corrupted.

Update iOS

In addition to the above causes, there could be other causes, namely the occurrence of obstacles while upgrading to the latest version of iOS. As known, the iOS system will provide regular update notifications on the software. Make sure you have a stable internet connection and enough battery.

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How to fix broken iPhone Face ID

How To Fix Broken Iphone Face Id

After acknowledging some of the causes of broken iPhone Face ID, you also need to know how to fix broken iPhone Face ID. Well, this is how:

Checking for updates

The first thing to do when iPhone Face ID is broken is to check for iPhone updates. It could be that iPhone Face ID is not working because it has not been updated.

Because many iPhone users ignore the latest version of iPhone updates. If it has not been updated, you should update it immediately. But also make sure that the iPhone model that was updated earlier has been support for Face ID Fitur.

Checking Face ID settings

The second way to fix a broken iPhone Face ID is to check the Face ID settings. You can enter the Settings menu, then select Face ID and Passcode. Make sure iPhone Face ID is set up and the features you want to use with Face ID are turned on.

Make sure nothing covers the TrueDepth camera

You should also make sure that the TrueDepth camera is free of any particles or objects that might cover it. It may be that the iPhone Face ID is damaged because there is a cover or dirt blocking the camera. Gently clean the TrueDepth camera.

Restart iPhone

Although it sounds trivial, it turns out that restarting the device can be a good solution. Wait for the process for a few seconds before turning it back on.

The iPhone Face ID should be able to be used again after turning on the device. But if it doesn’t work, do the other steps.

Make sure the face is not covered.

You have to make sure that the face is not covered. Adjust the face so that it is clearly visible to the TrueDepth camera. If you find that you are wearing a mask and the face is not readable, you are usually prompted to enter your password automatically by swiping up. Enter the appropriate password.

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If it is not a mask, it can also be because of the glasses. Because usually iPhone Face ID can’t read the user’s face when wearing glasses. Try taking off your glasses first so Face ID can read your face.

face must face camera

The next possibility why iPhone Face ID cannot be used is because the face is not facing the camera. Try portrait orientation in front-of-camera conditions.

Another alternative

Another way to get Face ID to work like everything is by setting up an alternate screen, opening Settings, then selecting Face ID and entering the password. Set an alternate view and then look back at your iPhone with your face directly toward the camera with your face in the frame.

You can move your head to adjust the circle. Or you can also set the Accessibility. If so, click Continue. Then slowly repeat a second time until you are done.

Reset Face ID

The last option if all the above methods do not work is to reset iPhone Face ID. The trick is to select Settings, then Face ID and enter the password, then click Reset Face ID.

Re-register your face to set the newest face. Do this until the feature recognizes your face.

Where to fix iPhone Face ID

Where To Fix Iphone Face Id

With the price range not being cheap, it is highly recommended that you get a damaged iPhone Face ID repaired and repaired at an authorized Apple service center. Later service center technicians will give good service because they already have ability and good knowledge.

Technicians will provide high-quality service and use genuine Apple components. For the record, hardware service may no longer be available for older versions of iPhone.

You can also ask a technician how long it will take to fix the iPhone. Apple Authorized Service Providers will generally offer same day service for various repair options.

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In some cases, damage to the device may also allow repairs to take several days. If that’s the case, a technician will send your iPhone to an Apple repair center and notify you when it’s ready for pickup.

Well, those are some of the options you can do if your iPhone Face ID is damaged and cannot be reused. It is recommended that you do not rush to service if the cause turns out to be minor.

Carry out repairs independently if you can. The last option, you can go to an Apple Authorized Service Provider if you are unable to repair the damage yourself. Good luck!

How much does the iPhone Face ID service cost?

If all the ways have been done but the iPhone Face ID is still damaged, maybe you need to consult the experts about it. You can go to a trusted iPhone service center or iPhone service center to try to fix the damage.

Actually, the cost of the iPhone Face ID service depends on the model of the iPhone device and the use of replacement components. However, the price range for iPhone Face ID repair is around Rs 1 crore to Rs 2 crore.

Can the iPhone Face ID feature be fixed?

A failing iPhone’s Face ID or Face Recognition feature usually provides an explanation, such as “Face ID can’t work, please try again later.” If you can’t fix it yourself, go to an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

However, if the service center still cannot fix the problem with the front camera, then you will be asked to replace the iPhone components with new ones.

Face ID iPhone is important?

Face ID iPhone allows users to securely unlock iPhone devices, authenticate purchases, sign in to apps, and much more. All of this is done with a single glance using the facial identification feature.