Is Damaury Mikula tied up? know more about him

Is Damaury Mikula tied up?  know more about him
Is Damaury Mikula tied up? know more about him

Damaury Jermaine Mikula reportedly committed burglary, for which he was jailed.

The internet is abuzz with speculation about the recent arrest of social media personality Damaury Mikula, who was previously caught driving too fast.

His videos on his YouTube channel and Tiktok account are well known. She is 19 years old and is financially independent thanks to his followers on social media.

On social media sites like Tiktok, Instagram and Twitter, Mikula was active but hasn’t been in over a week, fueling speculation about his recent arrest.

Damaury Mikula tied up

In social networks, some users talk about Damaury Mikula. The social media influencer has reportedly been detained, according to rumors. However, there has been no news about it.

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However, other online rumors maintain that he was jailed for breaking and entering. On Tiktok, a user described how tied uphe started screaming, he took off his clothes and he started screaming and he cleaned the windows.

If it turns out to be accurate, it would be the second time he would be charged with a crime. He had previously been held in 2021 after running a red light to start a high-speed police chase.

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