“It can be said that this is a ‘university’ for all entrepreneurs”, Siti Nurhaliza officially follows the exclusive guidance of RichWorks, Optimistic wants to strengthen the SimplySiti brand

“It can be said that this is a ‘university’ for all entrepreneurs”, Siti Nurhaliza officially follows the exclusive guidance of RichWorks, Optimistic wants to strengthen the SimplySiti brand
“It can be said that this is a ‘university’ for all entrepreneurs”, Siti Nurhaliza officially follows the exclusive guidance of RichWorks, Optimistic wants to strengthen the SimplySiti brand
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Recognizing the importance of gaining business knowledge as well as being impressed to see the successful sketches of successful entrepreneurs under the guidance of entrepreneurial mentor, Datuk Wira Dr. Azizan Osman, famous singer Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza agreed to become ‘Titanium Premier-Partner (PP )’ RichWorks International Sdn. Bhd. (Rich Works).

According to Azizan, who is also the founder of RichWorks, the decision was made in
framework for transformation and develop the SimplySiti brand as a more sustainable business.

He added that Siti, as the founder of SimplySiti, is considered to have great potential to go further if she receives closer guidance as well as assistance in digitizing marketing strategies and increasing the market of the brand not only in Malaysia but also abroad. Indonesia and the Middle East.

Meanwhile, Siti when meeting did not deny the matter and was open and ready for guidance from those who have experience.

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“I need guidance and help from Dr. Azizan. Since he was more exposed to the world of entertainment before, that’s what he had ‘food’. But across the field of business, I admit there is still a lack of knowledge. That is why guidance from those who have experience is also important.

“Although I have received instructions from professional staff before this, I need to know more. How to be a good ‘leader’, better.

“Thank God, although for the first time I couldn’t attend the class for five days, but two days I was with other fellow entrepreneurs to be the best time to study.

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“How important is collaboration. So I represent CTDK Holding needs cooperation with RichWorks for better planning. I believe that God willing our mission is the same. Let us pray that this goal is achieved,” he said.

The Anta Permana singer was blessed when they met him after the Business Mentoring Program session held at The Datai Langkawi, Teluk Datai on Tuesday.

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He added that he did not position himself as a celebrity throughout the course, but instead tried to study with other fellow entrepreneurs to achieve the required goals.

“After going to school, getting married and having children, I hope now to go back to ‘studying’. When there’s a session like this, it feels fun, because I’m a student now, I don’t think I’m a singer or a celebrity. I put together with others I positioned myself as a student Do an ‘assignment’ together and share knowledge.

“At the same time, I try to improve myself. I have a lot of dependents below (staff and agents). They are also people who need to get business education as well. That’s why I try to get that knowledge and then share it with them.

“You can say that this is a ‘college’ for all entrepreneurs, not just for me. To be ‘real’ as an entrepreneur, there must be practicality. It is not easy and you have to have different skills. That is the importance of learning,” he added.

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Dr. Azizan through an optimistic statement saw the potential that the brand founded by the famous star could bring.

“RichWorks also sees additional support as a strategic partner under the child
our company, can help Tokti I (Siti) take the SimplySiti business even further with expertise in marketing strategy and brand consulting.

“As we help build brands like Sabella, Eskayvie, Hasnuri, Anggun Collection, Noir and many more. SimplySiti has even more potential because it was founded by someone with great brand strength like him.

“Thanks to Tokti and Datuk Seri Khalid Mohamad Jiwa as president of SimplySiti for the trust in me and RichWorks based on ability
we have been transforming our own business and even our own entrepreneurs for the last 14 years.

At the same ceremony, RichWorks was represented by its COO, Suley Nordyana Yahya, while Siti, on behalf of SimplySiti, signed the joint venture agreement and the official acceptance was guided as Titanium Premier – Partner witnessed by Dr. Azizan .

Meanwhile, the founders of Sabella, Siti Fatimah Abd Samad and Mohd Sufian Sulaiman, who have successfully transformed their business from home until now and have already achieved sales of more than RM100 million, were also accepted as members.

Also in attendance were RichWorks CEO Datuk Zafrol Rizal Mat, Simply Siti CEO Aazief Khalid, along with over 60 millionaire entrepreneurs from Titanium Premier.

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Yayasan Pesona, represented by Datuk Aznil Nawawi, also received a letter of appointment from RichWorks Chief Commercial Officer Radz Mohd as a training partner for Pesona Leadership for Millionaire Entrepreneurs under the direction of RichWorks.

‘Titanium Premier’ is the highest level of exclusive mentoring at RichWorks, where hava accepts millionaire entrepreneurs who are committed to taking their business to sales levels of hundreds of millions of dollars.

They are made up of leaders in their respective industries and have even been identified as having the potential to go to the next level while expanding the market.

Dr. Azizan added that Siti now has direct access and training sessions.
with him to achieve SimplySiti’s biggest goal of hundreds of millions in sales
ringgit per year.

“God willing, RichWorks as a business strategy and marketing consulting firm from 2008 to now has proven itself in transforming entrepreneurs to go beyond according to the motto, ‘Here is the birth of millionaire entrepreneurs.’

“Through the Titanium Premier community, Tokti will also be in the network of entrepreneurs
our positive even correct millionaires are committed and serious about development
more business.” it’s clear again

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