It Turns Out This Is Why The Black And Blue Dress Is Going Viral

It Turns Out This Is Why The Black And Blue Dress Is Going Viral
It Turns Out This Is Why The Black And Blue Dress Is Going Viral – Hello friends, the information goes viral again in 2022, not many know why the black and blue dress goes viral again, even if it was 7 years ago or 2015.

You can see here the complete information about the return of the viral black and blue dress that went viral again in 2022.

Technological developments cannot be stopped, so hard and soft technology is always being updated every day to make it more useful in everyday life.

Soft technology is no exception, such as applications or social networks, in just a few seconds the latest information has emerged from various points of the country, both at home and abroad.

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Just like this information, even though 2015 was already viral and now it’s viral again in 2022, many netizens are wondering, actually, what is a viral black and blue dress?

Check here the complete information, what happened to the black and blue dress so that there are so many search results in Google or other search engines.

Exactly what is the viral black and blue dress

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The viral black and blue dress was first uploaded in 2015, by a social media account using the Tumblr nickname.

Photos or uploads showing a black and blue dress or a dress posted on the Tumblr page with the caption “Guys help me, is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? My friends and I disagree and you They panicked.”

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In two days, the post has been tweeted up to 4.4 million tweets just discussing the color of the dress.

Even more surprising, the dispute over the color of the dress dragged on for weeks.

This results in perceptions or pros and cons among netizens regarding the actual color of the dress in question.

It has since been determined that the dress is actually blue and black with a lighting effect causing many to see it as white and gold.

But while the mystery of the dress has been solved, its impact on Internet culture will not soon be forgotten.

It turned out that this was clear and concise information about the viral black and blue dress, it turned out to be just a post by someone who caused pros and cons on social networks.

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