Jeff Wittek SUES David Dobrik for $10 million for that horrible YouTube stunt: ‘I almost died’

Jeff Wittek SUES David Dobrik for $10 million for that horrible YouTube stunt: ‘I almost died’
Jeff Wittek SUES David Dobrik for $10 million for that horrible YouTube stunt: ‘I almost died’

David Dobrick he’s finally being sued for that horrible stunt that nearly got his friend killed.

In case you haven’t heard of the incident, in 2020 Jeff Wittekmember of the Youtube infamous star vlog squadHe was inches, no, MM, away from losing his life while performing a trick conjured up by none other than David Dobrik. The team set up a bulldozer in a lake and rocked squad members as they mounted inner tubes and wakeboards.

Yes… Just for that, I think we can agree: no, thanks, we’re fine…

Jeff, however, agreed to be swung in the air with the rope. The bulldozer, of course, was being operated by David himself, or as Jeff put it, “the biggest idiot I know was driving.” The YouTuber immediately spun his friend too fast, so when he stopped, the poor guy crashed into the steel crane.

Be careful, this angle isn’t graphic because it’s so far away, but it’s still painful to watch.

Not only did Jeff suffer a horrible incident, but it was entirely at the hands of his friend, who over the months hasn’t exactly shown much remorse.

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Jeff’s injuries are well documented as he continued to make videos. He revealed in his April 2021 docuseries titled don’t try this at home that the doctors explained to him that if his facial wound had occurred 3 millimeters higher, his eye would have been “cut in half”. Conversely, if the impact was 3 millimeters on the opposite side, it probably would have killed him outright.

All that for a few YouTube views? He was right to title his series. don’t try this at home

Two years later, Jeff is now suing David for $10 million in damages for “general negligence and intentional tort,” to cover a number of things, including: lost wages, earning capacity, and hospital bills. Jeff’s report stated that David was operating the bulldozer at “unsafe speeds” before abruptly slowing down, resulting in Jeff’s collision with the machinery and his “extensive number of injuries”. It will be difficult to argue. In the full video, you can see that David radically increases the speed with respect to the previous cyclist, almost as if he is playing a game, trying to play a prank on his friend.

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Even with David’s obvious guilt, it took a long time to get here. Why didn’t he sue earlier? What Jeff said in a February video titled Dear David goes a long way to explain his journey:

“I almost died. I was an inch from death and an inch from going blind. I will have brain injuries for life. I’m not trying to preach to people. It’s just an emotional thing. My face was smashed and the only thing that What I asked was that he not blame me for it.”

Jeff confirmed in an episode of his podcast, John FM, that he and David are no longer speaking to each other, stating that David didn’t even approach him after the incident! WOW.

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He explained:

“I woke up from surgery. A day passes, there is no text for him. Another day passes, no text. I look at his Instagram because he’s always the first to come up because of the algorithm or whatever. It’s just him like, ‘Oh, I’m so happy with my life right now. My vlogs and everything, just promoting his vlog.”

The only thing that kept him from suing was the fact that David was his friend. And when the YouTuber stopped acting like a friend, well…

What do you think of the brutal situation, lazy readers? Is Jeff entitled to $10 million? Let us know your thoughts on him in the comments below!

[Images via Jeff Wittek & David Dobrik/Instagram]

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