Jira Software vs. Miro Software

Jira Software vs. Miro Software
Jira Software vs. Miro Software

The Jira tool was essentially introduced in 2002 and has become a vital feature for coding and development. Jira integrates top-notch features, agile management dashboards, dependency management control, and roadmaps. Miro software is an online whiteboard to digitize team collaboration like never before. It is used by more than 35 million users worldwide and has become an indispensable tool for many. Miro also has features that support tool development. Let’s dive into Jira Software vs Miro Software to see its features, pricing, and demos!

Jira Software Features

1. Visual boards

Jira project management software integrates visual boards like Scrum and Kanban. Scrum boards can be used to break down assignments into smaller tasks. This can help teams working in sprints focus on the most important tasks and ship them faster.

Also, the Kanban board can be used to visualize tasks and streamline workflows. Many teams running DevOps and agile workflows turn to Kanban for improvements.

2. Waybills

You want to track each task as it happens so that the context of the assignment builds and allows team members to check out the latest developments before they start adding their own contribution to the project. The roadmaps feature also helps the team make quick decisions based on developments to ensure the project is not affected.

3. Reports and perspectives

Another wonderful feature of the Jira tool is its ability to materialize dynamic reports on data within the context of your project. Accessible and relevant data can improve how you engage with your projects and help you strategize accordingly, too.

4.Flexible Management

Another simple yet influential way Jira solves work management is by ensuring that the system is flexible so that different types of teams can generate productivity. One way that flexibility is supported is that users can control the autonomy and structure of the software. They can choose to have the workflows be Company Leaders or Team Leaders. Second, users can also customize their workflows to handle special requirements of their work system or the projects they are managing. And finally, there are no limits when you work with Jira software and you can access various apps and integrations to enhance your workflows.

5. Code development

Jira makes it easy to view code and deploy in seconds. You can view the repositories by including an issue key in PR or a commit and it will update automatically. Jira’s issue development dashboard makes it easy to view and create branches. The Jira DevOps feature makes it possible to not only plan and code, but also operate and collaborate.

Jira demo

You can sign up for the Jira demo that will help you learn how to use the software to plan or publish your work using the platform. The demo is also followed by a live Q&A session to ensure your queries are resolved.

Jira Pricing

Jira pricing plans have four options: Free, Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. Each type of team can find a suitable subscription based on their project types and requirements. The free plan is a comprehensive introductory option where users can access Scrum and Kanban boards as well as agile reports. Meanwhile, the basic option charges $7 and supports 20,000 users. Although it integrates a wide range of management tools, it has its own limitations.

The premium option costs $14 and integrates advanced roadmaps and dependency management tools. If you are interested in the cost of the business option, you can fill out a form to access the details after answering a few questions through the form.

Miro software features

1. Platform for developers

There are several tools built into the Miro software that help with the application development process and integrations. To get started, users can view data that is stored in a database, spreadsheet, or third-party tool. Second, you can also use groups of sticky notes to create sprints. Furthermore, you can also export your sketches to layouts.

Miro Live Embed also allows you to bring the Miro whiteboard into any of your documents or tools. Miro APIs for the enterprise level are integrated with advanced reporting and also maintain control over security.

2. blackboard

The option to work on a whiteboard is what makes Miro unique as well. Miro software integrates the dynamic whiteboard to create visual presentations and manage collaborations. The digital whiteboard can be useful for creating strategic plans where all team members can come together to share their input. It’s a feature that helps you bring your remote or distributed team together on a single platform and brainstorm creative ideas.

There are different types of templates available for:

  • SWOT analysis
  • comprehensive dashboard
  • Project planning
  • gantt chart
  • Strategic planning

3. Visual Brainstorm

Miro project management software ensures ideas don’t get lost in translation. Eventually, creative ideas become strategies. So the team can pace their ideas with diagrams, sticky notes, gifs, images, and more. There are over 120 templates so it doesn’t take long to go from brainstorming to action.

MirĂ³ demonstration

Miro’s demo lists all the features with complete summaries to help you get started with the system. Everything is explained with essential details and images to help new users understand the functionality of the system.

MirĂ³ Prices

There are different Miro pricing options so everyone can benefit from the platform. Options include:

  • Free
  • Equipment
  • Business
  • Business

The team plan is priced at $8 and the business plan is $16. The price of the business plan is based on the number of users and some other details that you can share through the form. The enterprise-scale plan supports data governance, SIEM integrations, high-grade security, and a flexible licensing program.

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