KJP 2022 Staple Food Collection Schedule

KJP 2022 Staple Food Collection Schedule
KJP 2022 Staple Food Collection Schedule

Geografiana.com- Hello friend A1 is back with the admin who always provides the latest information every day, now this time the admin will provide information about the schedule for the KJP 2022 staple food collection.

The Jakarta Smart Card (KJP) will enter a new stage, namely for student registration in 2022. And the KJP Plus 2022 is likely to be open for registration between February and March.

The purpose of this kjp program is to help underprivileged children, especially those who have a DKI Jakarta identity card.

The basic necessities that can be purchased with this Jakarta smart card are school uniforms, shoes, bags, transportation costs, food, and extracurricular costs.

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Not only that, those who have the Jakarta Smart Card (KJP) can get a chance to get basic necessities at affordable prices.

Before knowing the schedule for the basic needs of 2022 KJP, the following are the groups that are entitled to receive the Jakarta Smart Card (KJP)

  1. KJP Plus Recipient
  2. PJLP maximum salary is 1.1 UMP and registered
  3. Residents of flats that have been invested
  4. Elderly who cannot pay and are already registered
  5. People with disabilities who cannot pay
  6. Workers or workers with DKI Jakarta ID cards have a maximum of 1.1 UMP
  7. PKK cadres unable to meet their basic needs
  8. Non-PNS teachers and non-PNS educational personnel who have an income of 1.1 UMP
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For the 2022 KJP staple food collection schedule, the exact timeline is not yet known.

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As this program is in collaboration with Pasar Jaya, DKI Jakarta will provide news as soon as possible about the KJP 2022 food drive schedule.

As for the details of the prices of basic necessities for KJP 201, there are 6 types of subsidized food according to the regulations of the Governor of DKI Jakarta.

  1. Premium rice 5 kg/bag for Rp. 30,000
  2. Chicken 1 tail / bag for Rp. 8,000
  3. UHT milk 24 pieces/carton per Rp. 30,000
  4. Beef 1 kg/bag for Rp. 35,000
  5. Puffed fish 1 kg/6-9 tails per Rp. 13,000
  6. 15 eggs/tray for IDR 10,000
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Well, maybe that’s all the information the admin can pass on regarding the schedule for the KJP 2022 staple food drive.

Hopefully, the information that the admin has provided can be useful to all of you, especially those of you who are waiting for information on the 2022 KJP food collection schedule.

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