Know the Extroverted Personality Type and its Traits

Know the Extroverted Personality Type and its Traits
Know the Extroverted Personality Type and its Traits

You are extrovert? is that extrovert? The character of extroverts who are friendly and enthusiastic is a magnet around them to get closer. An extrovert will experience more and more development when dealing with other people.

In the 1960s, psychiatrist Carl Jung first described introverts and extroverts when he reviewed the components of personality. He grouped these 2 lines according to his power source.

In short, Jung argued that extroverts are personalities who can gain energy when they are online and in contact with the outside world. MBTI personality test. Unlike introverts, they need some alone time to recharge and are often more reserved in their attitudes and relationships with other people.

Here are some traits of an extrovert:

  1. Extroverts love to attract attention

People with extroverted tendencies are often the focus of attention and enjoy attention. Owners of an outgoing personality thrive on social conditions and seek social stimulation. Extraverts are often not afraid to introduce themselves to new people and rarely avoid unusual situations for fear of making a mistake or perhaps not recognizing someone.

  1. He is not happy or does not need a lot of time to be alone
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What extroverts and introverts have in common is spending time alone. An introvert needs to flee home or office after being in a crowd. Some extroverts find that spending too much time alone saps their natural energy. Outgoing personality owners recharge their ‘battery’ by being around someone.

  1. Extroverts love to be in line

Extroverts are comfortable in large groups. They may be more inclined to enjoy line sports or group outings. In fact, it is possible that the owner of an outgoing personality is the initiator of the idea of ​​inviting his group to activities at the end of the week or after work. Extroverts rarely turn down invitations to weddings, parties, and other face-to-face gatherings.

  1. Extroverts make friends with many people
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The characteristics of extroverts can easily make new friends. This is because extroverts enjoy the energy of a person and relate to the people around them. The owners of an outgoing personality usually have a large social network and many acquaintances. By pursuing new interests and routines, extroverts want to expand their social circle.

  1. Extroverts are really interested in conversations and questions

Some of the characteristics of extroverts are that they don’t mind telling other people about life problems for dialogue and guidance. Owners of an outgoing personality can freely express themselves and explain their options or options.

  1. Friendly and Confident

Extroverts are often described as happy, positive, bright, and easy to make friends with. They tend not to think much about problems or contemplate difficulties. When they experience difficulties and problems just like anyone else, extroverted personality owners are often more and more capable of letting things end like that.

  1. Extroverts aren’t afraid to take risks.
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Extraverts may enjoy engaging in risky behavior. There is a scientific argument as to why extroverts are. A study published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information website found that when extroverts successfully act in risky ways, their brains become more stimulated to produce dopamine. Dopamine in the body will influence the emergence of a happy heart, such as happy, in love, or optimistic.

  1. Extroverts are more flexible

Extraverts can often adapt to any situation and can be innovative when problems arise. While they can be organized, not all extroverts need a time management idea before they can start a project, plan a vacation, or get any work done. Spontaneous decisions can be made at any time by the owner of an extroverted personality.