Knowing the different types of virtual technology

Knowing the different types of virtual technology
Knowing the different types of virtual technology

Knowing the different types of virtual technology, Virtual is something that is not real (virtual) and can be manipulated. The engineering carried out has the objective of optimizing the functions and facilitating the technological development of information systems.

Information technology often colors aspects of life, such as banking, which recognizes the meaning of virtual accounts as a method of payment transactions. These examples are representations of terms that we hear often, from various other examples.


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When you are curious, what explanation can you know about this virtual technology? Take it easy, because here we will describe your question.

What is Virtual Technology?

Imitation or digital replica that closely resembles the real thing. Imitation of assets created by computer software, although it cannot be said that it is 100% similar and functional, but it is quite representative of digital interpretation. If we give an example in a real life context, it can be described as a human brain where thinking acts as a translation function of the brain, which can be considered as an implementation of virtualization.

The main objective of using virtualization in information technology is to reduce the use of key resources to be more efficient and reduce costs.

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The benefits of the available infrastructure and being able to manipulate some of its functions for something new, are the answer to the problems of technological development that are often hampered by it.

These are the Different Types of Virtual Technology

Knowing The Different Types Of Virtual Technology

A virtual account is an artificial account containing customer identification information created by a bank at the request of a business or individual for the purpose of conducting transactions. Accounts that contain unique combinations of numbers mean there are no similarities between users and you can configure them as needed. Examples of banks that support this are BCA, BNI and many others

Machine replicas are computer programs such as operating systems, software that can emulate hardware and perform program functions and tasks. Machine virtualization is very useful when you are testing an operating system, installing or upgrading it without interfering with the functionality of the main device.

Also, network communications engineering can be done between the engineering engine system and the main system, for example, VirtulBox and VMware. Learn more about virtualbox and VMware which are 8 popular virtual machine software.

Server computers that share both hardware (hardware) and software (software) resources. Each server replica is defined as a separate operating system with specific security and passwords. For example, you can find a web hosting provider like VPS (Virtual Private Server).

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remote desktop virtualization that provides the experience of using licensed managed applications without having to purchase them. Users can access privately through a connection to the Internet network. Examples include Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), which provides modern applications and integrates with Office 365 pro plus.

Software that can perform tasks and services for personal use. It acts as a personal assistant that attends and provides the best answers when necessary. Associated with an agent replica that has a chatboot concept. For example, Google Assistant is available on Android devices, Siri for iOS, and Cortana on Windows devices.

What is a virtual class? it is a digital replica of the learning environment. This means that students do not have to meet directly with teachers in class to carry out the teaching and learning process, they can interact in virtual classes that have the same learning objectives as traditional classes. Examples like Edmodo, Google Classroom and others

What is virtual memory? it is the storage of data in a virtual environment as an interface between the user and the real storage hardware. Examples like memory are often associated with this, but the emergence of cloud technology can be a very obvious implementation.

What is virtual reality? It is a three-dimensional description of a computer-generated environment that can be explored and interacted with. The use of environmental engineering can be found in virtual reality tools that seem to take us to the displayed environment and the activities in it when in reality it is just artificial engineering. Another example is Google maps that provide traffic engineering information.

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What is a virtual meeting? These are online meetings using supporting platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and other apps. This allows meeting participants to not have to meet in person at the same location, but can be done anywhere online in a virtual room that has been created and is a pre-invited guest.

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN is secure access to local network traffic resources that can be accessed remotely. the connection can be made through the internet network and a limited website can be opened in that area. For example, if this website is blocked in Indonesia, by using a VPN from another country we can access it. It happens because the VPN can change the IP address information to access the device. for example Openvpn, TurboVPN, TochVPN and other applications.

That is, several types of virtual that you can know now. Thank you and I hope it is useful.


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