Knowing the tail pattern of the magpie

Knowing the tail pattern of the magpie
Knowing the tail pattern of the magpie

magpie tail pattern – Hello friends of birdie mania, this time we are going to try the website to review the magpie tail pattern that is currently on the rise. so that you take better care of it and the magpie is beautiful too.

For those of you who are beginners who do not know the Batu Lampung Murai Tail pattern, this opportunity will provide a discussion of the information, discussed in full with pictures. because many naughty sellers cheat every few buyers, so you should be careful when buying all kinds of songbirds, especially for this kind of Stone Murai.

because at a glance, especially for those of you who are beginners in the world of songbirds, of course, the color and body shape of the magpies are of course the same as each other, especially in this part of the pattern from the tail. In this problem, of course, you have to be careful when deciding which stone magpie you want to buy.

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Knowing the tail pattern of the Batu Lampung Murai bird tail more completely and accurately

Magpie Tail Pattern
Lampung stone magpie tail pattern

If you buy the type of stone magpie and the bird seller says it is from your original area, of course you as a consumer should of course first research the stone magpie the seller is trading. be it from the shape of the body, the shape of the tail to the pattern of the rock magpie’s tail, of course.

and many also assume that if the stone magpie with the short tail is a female stone magpie, of course in this case you do not understand if the bird has had its tail torn off. therefore, of course, you should be careful when buying the magpie type or other types of songbirds. Just so you know, the following is a discussion of information on how to know the most complete and accurate Lampung stone Murai tail pattern, here is the abbreviation.

Lampung Stone Magpie Tail Pattern

Generally, the Sumatran stone magpie has a tail length of about 12 to 18 cm. and of course, if you look at the pattern of the groove pattern, it must be almost the same as the tail pattern of the stone magpie, but in this case what can be compared is the length of the 2 stone magpies. like the picture in the tail pattern shown in the picture above.

Hopefully with the above information you can know the tail pattern of the Sumatran Batu Murai Bird type and especially for those of you looking for that information. so far info about