Korean actor-turned-model and overnight sensation

Korean actor-turned-model and overnight sensation
Korean actor-turned-model and overnight sensation

Today, Korean programs have become no less popular than programs in English or regional languages. Especially with the release of Korean dramas like Squid Game, the standard of Kdramas has become higher than usual. So if you have watched the popular Kdrama, you must have heard of HoYeon Jung. In theory, overnight fame might not exist, but for this Asian star, the saying turned out to be true. The popular model-turned-actor played a North Korean defector and pickpocket in the survival drama Squid Game.

Fans loved her performance in this Kdrama, which helped her achieve worldwide recognition. Recently, HoYeon Jung talked about her career and shared details of her journey in show business. She had to struggle a lot with her low self-esteem. Her appearance on Korea’s popular Next Top Model program drew the attention of directors and producers to her.

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So, would you like to know more about rising star HoYeon Jung? Stay with us until the end as we share with you some of the important aspects of the lives of young celebrities. Let us take a look!

A brief biography of HoYeon Jung

Since you are reading this article, it is obvious that you have seen Squid Game and are probably a fan of HoYeon Jung. Well, you are at the right place as we are going to share with you some of the interesting aspects of the Korean star. As you know, Jung Ho-Yeon or HoYeon Jung is a South Korean model and actress. In fact, she was already a star before joining the Squid Game team. This is because she started her career as a freelance model in 2010. The Korean star was born on June 23, 1994 in Seoul, South Korea. Therefore, she is 27 years old.

Also, in 2013, HoYeon Jung competed on the fourth season of Korea’s Next Top Model and became a finalist. In 2016, she left South Korea to pursue her career abroad. In fact, she started to become famous for her “fiery” red hair after making her international runway debut during New York Fashion Week. At the same time, she was exclusive to Louis Vuitton in 2016, and in 2021 she became a global ambassador for that brand.

According to sources, in 2020, Jung signed a contract with Saram Entertainment as an actress. She made her television debut in 2021, starring in the Netflix series Squid Game as Kang Sae-byeok. It goes without saying that she has already won several awards and accolades around the world.

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HoYeon Jung was already famous before she starred in Squid Game

Hoyeon Jung Was Already Famous Before She Starred In Squid Game
Korean actor-turned-model and overnight sensation 3

As we mentioned earlier, HoYeon has been interested in acting since childhood. So she was only 15 years old when she started taking acting classes. In fact, in addition to this, she also worked as a freelance model on catwalks and in shows like Seoul Fashion Week. However, in 2011, she got the perfect exposure through Korea’s Next Top Model show. She but she left him midway after hitting the top 30.

In 2012, HoYeon signed a contract with ESteem Models and rejoined the show in the fourth season. She here she became runner-up. At the same time, she also appeared on the covers of Korean editions of major magazines like Elle, Vogue, and W. Later in 2016, she signed a contract with The Society Management and left South Korea and went abroad.

HoYeon made her international debut in 2016 at New York Fashion Week. In fact, after this, she started receiving offers from top brands like Chanel, Marc, Ferreti and others. Furthermore, in 2018 she also won the Asian Star Award, one of the most prestigious awards. According to HoYeon, she made the switch to acting to broaden her perspectives in life.

Therefore, after signing with Saram Entertainment in 2020, HoYeon made her acting debut in Netflix’s mega-hit Kdrama Squid Game playing the role of Kang Sae-byeok. Her role was that of a pickpocket, willing even to endanger her life to support her family.

Did you know that HoYeon struggles with low self-esteem?

Surviving in show business is not as easy as it seems. Due to the constant exposure, the actors must remain perfect. However, it is becoming difficult to do so. According to sources, Korean actress HoYeon said in an interview how she struggled with her low self-esteem when she participated in Korea’s Top Model.

He shared how he looked up her name every day and read all the comments one by one. She would feel despondent even if there were one or two hateful comments between several thank you posts. In fact, she always cried alone in her house. The criticism was completely personal and she revealed that although she has become immensely popular, she still struggles with low self-esteem.

However, now she has become mature enough and looks back at those times from a different perspective.

What are HoYeon’s upcoming projects?

What Are Hoyeon'S Upcoming Projects?
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Many of you who are fans of this young star will be eager to know what is coming next. Let us share the details with you. Needless to say, her role as Kang Sae-byeok in Squid Game has already made her an international star. It could have been her debut role, but it was exceptional.

Furthermore, HoYeon also won the SAG award for her outstanding performance in Squid Game. According to sources, she is set to appear in BBC Film’s “The Governesses.” According to the creators, this series will focus on three rebellious governesses who cause chaos in the workplace.

At the same time, you will also see it in a paper in the Apple TV+ Legal Notice. However, as of now, the creators have not revealed which role she will be playing. The thriller series does not yet have a release date.

Additionally, he also appeared in The Weekend’s music video for the song “Out of Time”. Jim Carrey was also there with her in the music video. So, you can well understand that HoYeon’s talent has already made her a popular icon not only in her country but also abroad.

Final note

So, as a conclusion, we can say that after Lee Minho, HoYeon Jung is currently one of the most popular Korean drama stars who has achieved international celebrity status. It goes without saying that the Kdramas that are emerging now have unique content that puts them on par with Hollywood shows. We hope that more Korean young stars like HoYeon Jung and others will achieve many milestones in the future.

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