KSB app to make money, is it safe to use?

KSB app to make money, is it safe to use?
KSB app to make money, is it safe to use?
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Packethp.com – KSB app to make money, is it safe to use? – Are you looking for an app that can make you some extra money? If yes, then you are in the right review. Because the administrator will share the latest applications to make money on the Internet today.

One of them is KSB Apk. KSB app is a new money making app where you can get 300k signup bonus balance for new users.

However, is it true that you can play this app for free? Or are you still curious if this money making app will be profitable, secure and long lasting as a money management app?

Well for those of you who are curious about this KSB Apk to make money. Please see the explanation below.

KSB Apk at a glance?

So the KSB app is the latest money making app with a working system, you are asked to join the event to guess the score of the ball that this app has determined.

Where each ball score contained in this app affects the win you will get. The higher your win, the higher the score you choose to lose.

How to sign up for KSB money making app

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Before they use this app and earn a lot of money. So you have to register and create an account first. you just need to prepare Mobile phone number those of you who are active and connected with whatsapp.

Here are some steps to sign up for KSB money making app as follows.

  • The first step, enter the official website of this application through the official link Here
  • After that create your unique username.
  • Then please do. account password your money making app that is unique and easy to remember.
  • then you enter Mobile phone number you have prepared in advance.
  • Next, enter your friend’s invite code.
  • Then copy the unique code on the right and paste it into the column Verification code.
  • So please make sure the part Privacy Policy has been marked.
  • After that, request your money making app account registration by clicking Sign up below.
  • Done.

Then wait a moment until your account registration is declared successful and you will be automatically redirected to .

And congratulations, your money making app account registration was successful and then you can take advantage of the app and earn a lot of money.

How to get money on KSB money making app

As the admin explained above, you as a new user will immediately get a new user registration bonus balance of 300 thousand as a trial balance.

Where from the bonus balance you cannot use it directly to make withdrawals and you can only use it to do mission assignments.

Or you can run or join other missions provided by this app. Or for more details, you can pay attention to the quest list contained in the following app.

How to withdraw money from the KSB Money-Making app

Once you have managed to collect a huge amount of money in this Adani Power app account, you can enjoy the results of your hard work by doing your tasks by withdrawing from this app.

Where making a withdrawal is very easy with the following conditions.

  • For a minimum withdrawal of IDR 100,000.
  • Then make sure to link your bank card by entering Name of the owner of the bank account, Name of the bank Y your account number.
  • Next, withdraw a 5% administrative fee.
  • After withdrawal it will be received in less than 1 day.

KSB app to make money, is it safe to use?

After the admin noticed the working of this money making app where actually you can not run this money making app for free. And you need to make a deposit to be able to use this app.

This app also has a multi-level member work system and a way to play that asks you to deposit or recharge, of course, the admin can conclude this app as a money game.

And after some information about this money making app was noticed by the admin, the admin did not get any more information about whether this app is proven to pay or not.

In addition, the administrator has also not obtained any concrete evidence that playing for free from this application can make withdrawals or not. However, some group discussions explained that this app can be played for free.

That is enough information about KSB Money-Making app, I hope this review shared by admin can be useful for those of you who have read this review and thanks for visiting us.

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